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The Girl on the Film


A Musical Farce in Three Acts. Book by James T. Tanner. Based on the original German musical comedy (Filmzauber) by Rudolf Bernauer and Rudolf Schanzer. Music by Walter Kollo, Willy Bredschneider and Albert Sirmay. Lyrics by Adrian Ross.

Gaiety Theatre, London - 5th April 1913.(232 perfs)
44th Street Theatre, New York - 29th December, 1913; closed 21st February, 1914 (64 perfs).

Musical Numbers (London)

  1. Chorus - "All of our numberless cinema galleries, where any picture-shows are played, have to come here every year - this is where all of their films..."
  2. Solo - Linda and Chorus - "Now that the noisy crowd has departed, our correspondence can be started! They're gone now, go on now, we're waiting..."
  3. Song - Euphemia - "People often call on me for a charity, at a matinée or fancy fair, or such-like; and I'm always glad to aid, though I don't get paid..."
  4. Song - Freddy - "I know that my father would rather far have had me a lad; if I had not been a girl, you know, a splendid chance I'd have had..."
  5. March Duet - Freddy and Max - "All down Bond Street I go walking, looking rather well; ... You can hear the ladies talking, 'Isn't he a swell?'..."
  6. Finale Act I - "Carmen is done ... It is done! ... Wasn't it fun? ... Jolly fun! ... Do you not think we shall come out very well? ... Cannot tell! ..."
  7. Chorus and Solo - Clutterbuck - "We're coming round to wish good luck to good old Corney Clutterbuck! For he's the man we understand who has a plan..."
  8. Song - Linda - "When I was a tiny maid, just so high but growing, by the dear old mill I played - saw the mill-sails going. Daisies white and daisies pink..."
  9. Double Octet - Typists and Farmers - "Won't you tell us who you are, you pretty girls? ... City Girls! ... City girls? ... Coming for a little holiday in May! ..."
  10. Entrance of Cinema Company - "Here we are now at the mill, Napoleon's mill. We see it's standing still! Here our Chief will have a part to suit his heart..."
  11. Concerted Number - "Now we'll start! Tell the lady, Freddy! ... Steady, laddie, steady ... Anybody not here? We can't start until we have the lot here! ..."
  12. Duet - Linda and Valentine - "I'll get a partner if I can to help me in my trade ... And must the partner be a man? Or could you take a maid? ..."
  13. Scena Italiana - Maria Gesticulata - "Ah! che vedo? Ah, ch'avete scritto? Infame brigante! Cattivo, furfante! Buffone Napoleone! Vattene, vattene! ..."
  14. Song - Euphemia - "Oh, if I was a vivandiere, marching across Trafalgar Square, that would be a sight to see! When they could hear the fife and drum..."
  15. Duet - Freddy and Max - "If I'm the mighty Emperor, and you a little maiden, for you I'll drop the cares of war with which I'm heavy laden! ..."
  16. Melodrama - Finale (to accompany action in the silent film)
  17. Introduction and Dance
  18. Pas de Deux - Footman and Maid
  19. Waltz - Linda, Valentine and Chorus - "Darling, will you come for a dance again, I want one with you; We may never have such a chance again..."
  20. Polka Comique - Euphemia and the Footman
  21. Reminiscence Duet - Freddy and Max - "Now if I were a girl, like the girl that I seem, then you might be very fond of me! ... You are just twice as nice..."
  22. Finale - "Oh, won't you come and waltz with me? And you will see what love can be! We'll whisper low, 'I love you so!' as to and fro and around we go..."


  1. Song - Max and Chorus - "Come along with me, dear, and you'll quickly see, dear, quite the latest two-step in the town. It is not too jerky..."
  2. Song - Euphemia - "I'm tired of ordinary men in the orthodox pair of trousers, coat and socks; they're all right to talk to now and then, but they're dull..."
  3. Song - Max and Chorus - "Take a little girl from London, put her on a country lane; she won't want to go for a year or so to London Town again..."

Items 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19 and 20 were composed by Albert Sirmay. Items 5, 12, 15 and 25 were composed by Walter Kollo.
Items 2, 7, 8, 11 and 16 were composed by Willy Bredschneider. Item 22 was composed by Albert Sirmay and Walter Kollo.
Item 23 was written by Davy Burnaby and composed by Philip Braham. Items 24 and 25 were written and composed by Paul A. Rubens.
The dance at the end of item 2 was composed by George Byng.


Scenes and settings

Musical Numbers (New York)

  1. Opening Chorus
  2. "Correspondence" (Song) - Linda, Chorus
  3. "I Heard That Tale Before" (Duet) - Linda, Valentine
  4. "You Don't See It But It's There" (Song) - Euphemia, Winifred
  5. "In Bond Street" (Song) Winifred, Max
  6. Finale Act 1 - Principals, Chorus
  7. Opening Chorus Act 2
  8. "On the Ground" (Song) - Euphemia
  9. "Song of the Mill" (The Good Old Mill) (Song) (Music by Willy Bredschneider.) - Linda
  10. "Down By the Country Side" (Song) - Max, Chorus
  11. "Won't You Come and Waltz with Me" (Song) - (Music by Albert Sirmay.)- Linda, Valentine
  12. "Ah! Che Vedo" (Scena Italiana) - Maria, Max
  13. "Oh! If You Were a Girl" (Duet) - Winifred, Max
  14. Introduction Act 3 and Dance
  15. "Tommy Won't You Teach Me How to Tango" (Tango Song) - Max, Chorus
  16. Tango Dance - Max, Portia
  17. "Won't You Come and Waltz with Me" (Song, reprise) - Linda, Valentine
  18. Finale - Principals, Chorus