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Crazy People Incorporated

an abuse survivors musical

Music & lyrics by Snafu Drat


Crazy People Incorporated deals with the very real effects of a mental health condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, an illness often identified as the result of severe childhood abuse. The musical was written by a survivor of such trauma and offers a positive attitude towards recovery.


This story features Susan, a retired therapist and social worker who befriends Melissa, the subject of the story and one of Susan's former clients. The story portrays Melissa's rise from child abuse survivor through potential suicide victim to warrior for children's rights.

Melissa is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and is a drug and alcohol addict who suffers from a mental condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder which manifests itself in her believing that several other people inhabit the space inside her head; It is these people, (Melissa's alter ego's), who make up the remainder of the 10 strong female cast.

At age 40 Melissa finds herself in circumstances where for the first time in her life she begins to receive effective help for her problems; it is some time later that this story begins to document Melissa's journey of discovery as to how she might reconcile the abuse she has suffered with her own desire for better things.

CAST: (all female)

SUSAN: A retired mental health professional
MELISSA: Susan's former patient, 30/40 years old
PRINCESS: A trusting child, 8/10 years old
TWELVISH: A child prostitute, early teens
TAPES: An aggressive & sexually orientated woman 20/30 years old
FEELINGS: An innocent girl, 12/15 years old
HARMONY: A spiritual young woman 20/30 years old
PISSY: A pessimistic twin sister, late teens
HOPTY: An optimistic twin sister, late teens
BADBITS: An abandoned child, 8/12 years old


Crazy People Incorporated may not be produced without the playwright's permission. Royalty-free arrangements may be possible for performances which benefit mutually agreed registered child protection (or similar) charities.

(Full script and CD backing track available)

An on-line presentation of CPI can be viewed at http://www.crazypeopleincorporated.co.uk/.

LENGTH: 2 hours+ [51+ minutes of original music in 13 songs]

© Snafu Drat 1999


E-mail: snafu@asarian-host.org

Snafu Drat may also be contacted at;

Crazy People Incorporated
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Tel: +44 1535 210 515 (from outside the UK)
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