Cover to original cast recordingCloser Than Ever

Music by David Shire; lyrics by Richard Maltby Jr.
Opened 6 November, 1989 - Cherry Lane Theatre (288 perfs)
Buxton Opera House, Derbyshire - 1994
Library Theatre, Manchester - 1994

As in their joyous first revue Starting Here, Starting Now, Maltby and Shire turn an unblinking and frank spotlight on our lives and loves, relationships and fantasies - but the age range has risen somewhat! Wicked satire and the ache of love unrequited or dimmed by time are here a-plenty in 25 memorable songs. The result is truly a revue for today.

Musical Numbers

  1. Doors
  2. She Loves Me Not
  3. You Want to Be My Friend?
  4. What Am I Doin'?
  5. The Bear, the Tiger, the Hamster and the Mole
  6. Like a Baby
  7. I'll Get Up Tomorrow Morning
  8. Miss Byrd
  9. The Sound of Muzak
  10. One of the Good Guys
  11. There's Nothing Like It
  12. Life Story
  13. Next Time
  14. I Wouldn't Go Back
  15. Three Friends
  16. Fandango
  17. There
  18. Patterns
  19. Another Wedding Song
  20. If I Sing
  21. Back on Base
  22. The March of Time
  23. Fathers of Fathers
  24. It's Never That Easy
  25. I've Been Here Before
  26. Closer Than Ever


2 men, 2 women


piano, double bass db bass guitar

Original Cast Recording