A Musical in 2 Acts, a Prologue and 13 Scenes. based on the Stephen King novel Carrie.
Book by Lawrence D. Cohen.
Music by Michael Gore, Lyrics by Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford

Swan Theatre, Stratford on Avon - February 1988 (season)
Virginia Theatre, Broadway - May 12, 1988 (5 perfs)


In Roman, toga-like exercise costumes the girls of the high school are doing strenuous aerobics under the guidance of gym mistress, Miss Gardner. After their exercises the girls go to the shower room when Carrie White notices that she has started her period. Unfortunately, she is not aware of the natural processes of her body and the rest of the girls taunt her for her ignorance.

Left alone, and weeping, Carrie expresses her isolation and her longing for acceptance.

The scene then moves to Carrie's home where her mother, Margaret, is prostrate on the floor. Margaret is a religious fanatic and her fanaticism encompasses Carrie. When Carrie tells her what happened in the shower room the incident is interpreted as evidence of Carrie as a sinner. For her sins she is banished to the cellar of the house.

c-cdMeanwhile, the girls of the school are with their beaux. Sue says she is sorry for Carrie and for mocking her but bad girl Chris says she hates Carrie.

After her period of banishment to the cellar where she has been expected to pray to remove her sin, Margaret and Carrie express their love and torment in their prayers together.

The following day at school Miss Gardner helps Carrie to believe that, one day, love will come her way.

The kids from school gather at the local meeting place for the young people. Chris, her dislike of Carrie not diminished, plots with her boyfriend Billy to torment Carrie still further. However, Sue persuades Tommy to take Carrie to the high-school prom.

When a delighted Carrie tells her mother of her date for the prom, Margaret recalls how her fall at a prom produced Carrie. She forbids Carrie to go to the prom which provokes a reaction from Carrie. It seems that Carrie has the power of telekinesis - the power to exert influence and move objects from a distance - and this power she uses to dominate her mother. Cover to the Book "Forty Years of Broadway Musical Flops"

Chris and Billy meanwhile, have gone to a pig farm where Billy slaughters a pig so that Chris can have some blood with which to humiliate Carrie still further.

But Sue tries to encourage Carrie in her stand against her tormentors. Carrie has no need of this, however, as she is now developing control over her telekinetic powers. Using these powers she gets herself ready for the prom.

At the prom Chris and Billy wreak revenge on Carrie by pouring a bucket of blood over her. This sets in motion the full might of Carrie's telekinetic powers. All those on the dance floor are killed by the force of her terrible powers. Margaret, who realises that the only way to stop the awful things that Carrie is doing stabs her daughter. Carrie, just by touching, kills her mother, but she too is fatally wounded. She crawls, dying, to Sue who tries to comfort her.

Musical Numbers:

  1. In - Miss Gardner, Girls
  2. Dream On - High School Girls
  3. Carrie - Carrie
  4. Open Your Heart - Margaret with Carrie
  5. And Eve Was Weak - Margaret & Carrie
  6. Don't Waste the Moon - Girls and Boys
  7. Evening Prayers - Margaret and Carrie
  8. Unsuspecting Heart - Miss Gardner
  9. Do Me a Favour - Sue, Tommy, Chris, Billy, Girls, Boys
  10. Night Spot - Ensemble
  11. I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance - Margaret
  12. Out For Blood - Chris, Billy and Boys
  13. It Hurts To Be Strong - Sue
  14. I'm Not Alone - Carrie
  15. Getting Ready For the Prom - Carrie
  16. Wotta Night! - Girls, Boys
  17. When There's No One - Margaret
  18. At the Prom - Ensemble
  19. Unsuspecting Hearts (reprise) - Miss Gardner, Carrie
  20. Heaven - Tommy, Sue, Miss Gardner, Carrie, Margaret, Girls, Boys
  21. Alma Mater - Girls, Boys, Miss Gardner
  22. The Destruction - Carrie and Company
  23. Carrie (reprise) - Margaret


  • Margaret White
  • Carrie White
  • Chris
  • Tommy
  • Miss Gardner
  • Billy
  • Sue
  • Jamie
  • Cathy
  • Michèle
  • Shelley
  • Rose
  • Kelly
  • Maddy
  • Michelle
  • Mary Ann
  • Squeeze
  • Gary
  • Kevin
  • David
  • Matthew
  • Eric
  • Kenny
  • Joey
  • Mark
  • Chris
  • Scott

Scenes and settings

The action takes place at the present time.


Act 1

Act 2