A Musical in 2 Acts, 9 Scenes. Music, book and lyrics by Paul Simon. Book and lyrics by Derek Walcott.

Marquis Theatre, Broadway - Opened 29th January, 1998; closed 28th March, 1998 (68 performances)


The Capeman tells the story of Salvador Agron, one of New York City's most notorious killers. In August of 1959, sixteen-year-old Agron, a member of a street gang known as The Vampires, murdered two teenagers on a New York playground. He became known as the "Capeman" because he wore a long, vampire-like black cape with a red lining while committing the murders.

The musical begins with Agron's childhood in Puerto Rico, then follows his family's subsequent move to New York City and explores the boy's unhappy home life, including frequent encounters with his stepfather. Although he is originally more interested in girls than gangs, Agron joins The Vampires after they come to his rescue when he is attacked by another gang. Later, when a friend is badly beaten, The Vampires go out looking for revenge, and although they never locate the rival gang that did the beating, Salvador ends up stabbing two innocent boys to death. Soon captured and sentenced to death, Salvador claims to be unrepentant.

The second act begins with a reprieve. Salvador's death sentence has been commuted by Governor Rockefeller. Forced to serve his time, the angry young Salvador begins to undergo changes in prison. He begins to grow up, and eventually decides to turn his life around. He writes to his mother, saying "I'll take the evil in me and turn it into good." He begins to correspond with a Native-American woman named Wahzinak, and when his feelings for her turn to love, Salvador escapes to be with her, but after having a vision in the desert, he turns himself back in.

Three years are added to his sentence, and Salvador quietly serves his time, finally emerging into an unforgiving world that he soon learns will always see him as The Capeman - no matter how much he may have changed while in prison.

His mother, however, receives him with open arms and, as the musical comes to an end, she tells Salvador of a dream she had in which an angel allowed him into heaven.

Musical Numbers

  1. El Coquí - Children's Choir, Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42)
  2. Puerto Rican Day Parade - Parade Singers, Ensemble
  3. Born in Puerto Rico - Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Sal Agrón (aged 16), Carlos Apache, Angel Soto, Frenchy Cordero, Babu Charlie Cruz, Tony Hernandez, Reverend González, Santero
  4. In Mayagüez - Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Esmeralda Agrón, Nuns, Children
  5. Carmen - Esmeralda Agrón, Carmen
  6. The Santero - Santero, Esmeralda Agrón, Celebrants
  7. Chimes - Esmeralda Agrón
  8. Christmas in the Mountains - Three Kings, Carmen, Esmeralda Agrón, Guests
  9. Satin Summer Nights - Sal Agrón (aged 16), Bernadette, Élan, Tony Hernandez, Doo-Wop Group
  10. Bernadette - Sal Agrón (aged 16), Bernadette, Doo-Wop Group
  11. The Vampires - Tony Hernandez, Sal Agrón (aged 16), Carlos Apache, Angel Soto, Frenchy Cordero, Babu Charlie Cruz, Doo-Wop Group
  12. Shopliftin' Clothes - Sal Agrón (aged 16), Tony Hernandez, Sales Clerks, Carlos Apache, Doo-Wop Group
  13. Dance to a Dream - Carlos Apache, Yolanda, Bernadette, Sal Agrón (aged 16)
  14. Quality - Bernadette, Yolanda, Elan, Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Doo-Wop Group
  15. Manhunt - Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Carlos Apache, Sal Agrón (aged 16), Tony Hernandez, Ensemble
  16. Can I Forgive Him - Esmeralda Agrón, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Krzesinski
  17. Adios Hermanos - Sal Agrón (aged 16), Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Aurea Agrón (age 30), Tony Hernandez, Bernadette, Yolanda, Santero, Ensemble
  18. Jesús Es Mi Señor - Congregants, Reverend González, Esmeralda Agrón, Aurea Agrón (age 30), Bernadette, Yolanda, Santero
  19. Sunday Afternoon - Esmeralda Agrón
  20. Time is an Ocean - Sal Agrón (aged 16), Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Esmeralda Agrón
  21. Wahzinak's First Letter - Wahzinak
  22. Killer Wants to Go to College - First Inmate, The Warden, Inmates
  23. Virgil - Virgil, The Warden
  24. My Only Defense - Sal Agrón (aged 16)
  25. Wahzinak's Letter (Duet) - Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Wahzinak
  26. Virgil and the Warden - First Inmate, Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), The Warden
  27. Manhunt (Instrumental)
  28. Trailways Bus - Santero, Wahzinak, Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Border Patrolman
  29. The Mission - Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Santero
  30. El Malecón - Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42)
  31. Children's Chimes - Salvi Agrón (age 7), Aurea Agrón (age 8), Reverend González, Orphans
  32. You Fucked Up My Life - Angel Soto, Babu Charlie Cruz, Sal Agrón (aged 16), Tony Hernandez, Frenchy Cordero, Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Doo-Wop Group
  33. Lazarus/Last Drop of Blood - Santero, Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Mrs. Young, Ensemble
  34. Wahzinak's Last Letter - Wahzinak
  35. El Coquí (reprise) - Children's Choir, Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42)
  36. Tony Hernandez - Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Tony Hernandez
  37. Carlos and Yolanda - Milton Cardona, Aurea Agrón (age 30), Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Carlos Apache, Yolanda, Ensemble
  38. Sal's Last Song - Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42), Esmeralda Agrón
  39. Esmeralda's Dream - Esmeralda Agrón, Sal Agrón (aged 16), Doo-Wop Group

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Children's Choir
  • Salvador Agrón (Aged 36-42)
  • Carlos Apache
  • Angel Soto
  • Sal Agrón, (ages 16 to 20)
  • Frenchy Cordero
  • Babu Charlie Cruz
  • Tony Hernandez
  • Reverend González
  • Bernadette
  • Yolanda
  • Cookie
  • Salvi Agrón (age 7)
  • Aurea Agrón (age 8)
  • Esmeralda Agrón
  • Carmen
  • Santero/Lazarus
  • Doo-Wop Group
  • Mrs. Young
  • Mrs. Krzesinski
  • Aurea Agrón (age 30)
  • Wahzinak
  • First Inmate
  • The Warden
  • Virgil, a guard
  • The Master of Ceremonies

Parade Attendants, Vendors, Parade Officials, People at the Asilo, Guests, Celebrants, People on New York Street, Inmates, Guards, Immigrants, Party Guests, Three Kings, Sales Clerks, Boys, Orphans, Border Patrol

Scenes and Settings

Act I

Act 2