The Clapham Wonder

A musical in 2 acts by Sandy Wilson based on The Vet's Daughter by Barbara Comyns.

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury 26 April - 20 May, 1978 (season)


The Vet's Daughter is the fictional tale of Alice Rowlands, the daughter of a South London veterinarian in the Edwardian era. Alice's father is a bully who rules their repressed house through terror. Alice'a frail mother dies and is swiftly replaced in the family home by her father's brash and sexually savvy new girlfriend. The confusion and abuse heaped on Alice combined with her ultimate optimism lead to her discovering her own occult powers, with disastrous results.

Musical Numbers

  1. The Clapham Wonder
  2. The Vet's Daughter
  3. Someday
  4. A Lot More to Life than That
  5. The Waterfall
  6. The Strumpet from the Trumpet
  7. Eh, Rosa?
  8. Any Time
  9. You Know What
  10. Everything, London
  11. 'Ow Do You Know If You Like It (Till You've Tried It)?
  12. My Little Tin Trunk and Me
  13. Mrs Gowley's First Round
  14. Don't Change, Lucy
  15. Alice's Ball
  16. Mrs Gowley's Second Round
  17. Come for a Spin
  18. Our Golden Afternoon
  19. A Wine-Coloured Suit (And a Feather Boa)