Carnaby Street - the Musical

Juke Box Musical in 2 Acts

Hackney Empire, London - 6th April, 2013 (and subsequent tour)



Carnaby Street The Musical tells the story of Jude, a singer/songwriter who travels down from Liverpool with his best friend Penny Lane, in search of fame and fortune. A chance encounter with man-about-town Jack leads to Jude joining a band led by 'Wild Thing' at The Marquee Club and with Jack acting as their hopelessly inexperienced manager, they try to make it big in the exploding pop/rock scene of the time. Carnaby Street tells the story of every boy or girl's dream to become a rock star!

Carnaby Street The Musical takes place between 1964 and 1968, set on the street itself and at The Marquee Club. In the Sixties, Carnaby Street was the place to be, with clothes shops like Gear, Lord John and many more setting the trend for swinging London. The street was always alive with fashion shoppers and the rising stars of a time which was to bring about major social change.

A feeling of hope and freedom was in the air, and many young musicians whose impact is still felt today - such as The Who, The Spencer David Group (featuring Steve Winwood), The Moody Blues and The Yardbirds - were just beginning their careers at The Marquee.


(original London Cast)