Cover to New York Cast recordingBalancing Act

A musical in 2 acts; book, music and lyrics by Dan Goggin.

Presented Off Broadway - Westside Theatre, 2 June - 2 August, 1992 (56 perfs + 16 previews)

The musical takes an amusing look as life's problems. It is a story of the conflicts inside our heads as we try to achieve balance in our lives.

A unique concept, the show features five players portraying attitudes, optimistic, sceptical, humorous, ambitious and sensitive in the mind of the Main Character who "could be anyone, could be you trying to be true to yourself." A sixth player portrays Everybody Else in the Main Character's life.

The show lets us laugh at life's trials while it touches our hearts.

CAST (in order of appearance)

The Main Character

The Ambitious Side
The Sensitive Side
The Optimistic Side
The Sceptical Side
The Humorous Side

Everybody Else

Harriet Stottlemeier
Mr. Revere
Jane Pickford-Bellingham
Dr. Sybil


Conductor/piano; keyboards; percussion



Life is a Balancing Act Company
Next Stop: New York City Main Character
Home, Sweet Home Main Character
Play Away the Blues - Maisie
A Tough Town Main Character
I Left You There Sensitive Side
A Tough Town (Reprise)/ Twist of Fate Main Character
The Fifth From the Right Humorous Side
You Heard It Here First Sceptical Side
A Long, Long Way Optimistic Side
The Woman of the Century - Jane, The Main Character


Welcome, Bienvenue - Maisie
Where Is the Rainbow? Ambitious Side
I Am Yours Main Character
That Kid's Gonna Make It - Harriet
Chew-Chewy Chow - Jane, The Main Character
Hollywood 'n' Vinyl Optimistic, Sensitive and Humorous Sides
California Suite - Mr. Revere, The Main Character
I Am Yours (Reprise) Main Character
I Knew the Music/Next Stop: New York City (Reprise) Main Character
Life is a Balancing Act (Reprise) Company


Original New York Cast Recording - DRG 19004