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Der Sterngucker

Cover to Cast Recording

(The Star Gazer)

(1916) - (Later revised as 'Libellentanz' (1922) and 'Gigolette'(1926))

(Music by Franz Lehár: Book and lyrics by Fritz Löhner and A. M. Willner)

Theater in der Josefstadt - 14 January, 1916


Franz, a young astronomer, has brought up his sister Kitty after their parents' death. His visit to her finishing school is eagerly awaited by Kitty and her three closest friends. They all flirt with him, until he appears to be engaged to all three, one of whom is ready enough to renounce her previous admirer, Paul, who anyway has fallen for Kitty. Complications set in when Franz' financial state is queried by a detective acting on behalf of three sets of parents simultaneously, and it takes a generous helping of "feminine wiles" to bring the stargazer down to earth - and to the altar.



2 Female, 3 Male.

Franz Höfer, Astronomer - (Tenor)
Kitty Höfer, his sister (Soprano)
Lilly Moos, Boarding School pupil (Soprano)
Paul von Ratner, Baron (Tenor)
Nepomuk, the Höfer's Butler (Baritone)
Herr Popper
Herr Moos
Herr Rahmberger
Mizzi - (Soprano)
Frau Popper - (Soprano)
Isolde - (contralto)
Frau Rahmberger (contalto)
Frau Moos (contralto)

Scenes and Settings:

Musical Numbers

  1. Introduction (Kitty's Romance)
  2. Damsel Dance (Kitty, Lilly, Mizzi, Isolde)
  3. Greetings to You - Good Health - (Lily, Paul)
  4. Waltz
  5. A Summer's Day on the Shining Sea (Franz)
  6. My Young lady, I can't say it (Kitty, Paul)
  7. You, You, You (Kitty, Lilly, Paul)
  8. So my dearest would have to be (Lilly, Franz)
  9. Exit music (Waltz)
  10. Finale Act 1 - Company
  11. March-Intermezzo
  12. Dearest, Come (Kitty's reminiscence)
  13. I want to be your everything, yours alone (Kitty, Paul)
  14. Does every man have to be a husband immediately? - Kitty, Franz, Nepomuk
  15. Dear good teddy bear - Lilly, Franz
  16. Please, just help yourselves - Lilly, Mizzi, Isolde, Franz
  17. Stargazer, Stargazer, watch your step - Lilly, Franz
  18. My heart is like the young May - Reminiscence - Kitty, Paul
  19. Finale Act 2 - Kitty, Lilly, Mrs Moos, Paul, Franz, Mr Moos, Nepomuk
  20. Josefin' Josefin' - Nepomuk
  21. The bridegroom is usually in another world - Lilly, Franz, Nepomuk
  22. As butterflies caress the roses - Kitty, Lilly, Franz, Paul
  23. Reminiscence - Lilly, Paul
  24. Finale Act 3 - Kitty, Lilly, Mrs Moos, Paul, Franz, Mr Moos, Nepomuk


Orchestra: 2222/423/Perc/Cel/Hp/Strings

Language Version: G