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THREE WISHES FOR JAMIE A Musical Play in 2 Acts, 19 Scenes. Book by Charles O'Neal and Abe Burrows. Based on the novel "The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin"' by Charles O'Neal. Music and lyrics by Ralph Blane. Mark Hellinger Theatre, Broadway - 21st March, 1952 : transferredto the Plymouth Theatre 27th May, 1952: closed 7th June 1952 ( 92 perfs.) SYNOPSIS In the 1890s Jamie McRuin is granted three wishes by a fairy. He wishes to travel, to marry and to have a son. The first two wishes are granted very quickly. Jamie sails from Ireland to Georgia and there he marries Maeve Harrigan. When Maeve finds out she is unable to bear children the McRuins adopt a boy to make the third wish come true. However, the boy turns out to be a mute until one day, he is miraculously able to speak - but in Gaelic. MUSICAL NUMBERS: • The Wake - Tini Shanahan, Tirsa Shanahan, Owen Roe Tavish, Mourners • The Girl That I Court in My Mind - Jamie McRuin • My Home's a Highway - Maeve Harrigan, Horse Traders • We're for Love - Owen Roe Tavish, Horse Traders, Women of the Camp • My Heart's Darlin - Jamie McRuin • Goin' On a Hayride - Jamie McRuin, Maeve Harrigan, Boys, Girls • Love Has Nothing to Do With Looks (Lyrics by Charles Lederer) - Tirsa Shanahan, Tini Shanahan, Owen Roe Tavish • My Heart's Darlin' (reprise) - Maeve Harrigan, Jamie McRuin • I'll Sing You a Song - Tirsa Shanahan, Tini Shanahan, Dennis O'Ryan, Owen Roe Tavish, Dennis' Brothers • It Must Be Spring - Maeve Harrigan, Brides and Bridesmaids • Wedding March— Finale Act I - Entire Company • The Army Mule Song - Jamie McRuin, Men and Women of the Camp • What Do I Know? - Maeve Harrigan • Expectant Father (Choreography by Herbert Ross. Special Music by Lee J. Pockriss)- Danced by Dennis O'Ryan • It's a Wishing World - Maeve Harrigan, Jamie McRuin • Trottin' to the Fair (Choreography by Eugene Loring)- Jamie McRuin, Tini Shanahan, Dennis O'Ryan, Men and Women of the Camp • Love Has Nothing to Do With Looks (reprise) - Tirsa Shanahan, Dennis O'Ryan • April Face - Owen Roe Tavish, Maeve Harrigan, Jamie McRuin • It's a Wishing World—Finale - Entire Company SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1: The McRuin cottage in the Province of Connacht. Idle West Coast of Ireland - 1896. Scene 2: A road. Immdiately following. Scene 3: The Camp of Shiei Harrigan's horse traders. The State of Georgia. Scene 4: A lane in the Forest. Scene 5: Outside Power O'Malley's shop in Atlanta. Scene 6: A lane near Harrigan's camp.