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Finale 'Duc de Rivoli' Operetta—"Champagne" - Charlotte Hiller, André Coroit, Ensemble To Live Is To Love - Charlotte Hiller The Only One - Count Otto Paree - Charlotte Hiller, Ensemble, Ballet Girls I'll Can-Can All Day - Steffi Castelli The Can-Can - The Can-Can Girls To Live Is To Love (reprise)(duet) - Charlotte Hiller, Count Otto Scandal - Marquise de Campo, Ralph Magelssen, Author, Ensemble Finale - Duc de Rivoli - Charlotte Hiller, André Coroit, Ensemble ACT III The History of Three Generations of Chorus Girls - Ladies Ensemble Opening: Ballet Rehearsal - Ballet Girls Radetzky March - Dancing Girls Our Last Waltz Together (duet) - Franzi Coroit Hiller, Count Max The Olden Days - Karl Brenner, 8 Men of Manhattan Finale —The Three Waltzes: The Waltz of Today, the Waltz of 1900, the Waltz of 1865 - Franzi Coroit Hiller, Count Max, Corps de Ballet, Ensemble SCENES & SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1: Rehearsal Room, Kaerntner Theatre, Vienna. 1865. Scene 2: A Salon in the Countess Von Hohenbrunn's Palace. Scene 3: Marie's Living Room Act 2 Scene 1: Back Stage, Theatre Varieties, Paris. 1900. Scene 2: Before the Curtain of the Theatre. Scene 3: The Bar of the Theatre. Scene 4: Cafe Maxime. Later that same night. Scene 5: A Private Dining Room at Maxime's. The same night. Scene 6: Charlotte's Dressing Room at the Theatre. Two weeks later. Act 3 Scene 1: Denham-Buckinghamshire Films Ltd. Studio, England. 1937. Scene 2: A Section of the Studio Cafeteria. Scene 3: Finale—The Three Waltzes.