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Schrammel quartet. He tells the landlord that, though he manages to keep up with all the changes in dance styles, there is nothing to beat a Viennese waltz. The film director comes to find Brunner with news of the cast change. The old man is horrified to hear the name of Schwarzenegg and, when Franzi appears, he expresses his concern to her. However, when Count Ferdinand follows, Brunner is bowled over by the young man's resemblance to his grandfather and insists that he must indeed play the role. Franzi and Ferdinand sit together and the Count touches lightly on the first words of love, but Franzi, remembering the past relationships between her family and his, shies away. SCENE 12 Back in the studio, the filming has reached its final day and the farewell scene between Fanny and Rudi into which has been built a grand ballet has been arranged around the Radetzky March. Franzi and Ferdinand play the scene of their grandparents' parting as the band marched past, and they sing their song of farewell. The film is complete. Brunner worries over all the little departures from reality as he remembers it, and he relives his own recollections of the lovers' farewell. Suddenly, he sees Franzi and Ferdinand locked in each other's arms. The past and present mix in his mind. This time he will not do anything to part his Fanny and her Rudi. (adapted from Ganzl's Book of the Musical Theatre) ORIGINAL CAST - (in order of appearance) Act I — Vienna: Herr Baltramini: Ralph Bunker. Kalliwoda: Ivy Scott. Marie Hiller: KITTY CARLISLE. Karl Brenner: GLENN ANDERS. Sebastien: Len Mence. Countess Von Hohenbrunn: MARGUERITA SYLVA. Egon Von Hohenbrunn: Harry Mestayer. Herbert von Hohenbrunn: Alfred Kappeler. Feliz Von Hohenbrunn: Earl McDonald. Leopold Von Hohenbrunn: Charlie Amt. Field Marshall Count Maximilian Von Hohenbrunn: George Baxter. Count Rudolph Von Honebrunn: MICHAEL BARTLETT. Herr Diffinger: Wheeler Dryden. Lilli: Ruth MacDonald. Orderly: William Newgord. Scandal Girls (Ladies Ensemble): Dolly Miller, Sylvia Liggett, Anita Arden, Kay York, Lila Royce, Diana Rutherford, Alice McWhorter, Dana Doran, Frances Rands, Jayne Manners. Ballet Girls: Wanda Cochran, Paula Kaye, Joan Engel, Marion Broske, Jean Sharpe, June Sharpe, Ellen Gibb, Dorothy Hardy. Eight Officers (8 Men of Manhattan): Roger Gerry, Fred Ratliffe, William Parker, Gene Greenlaw, Lipman Duekat, Ted Daniels, Jack Phillips, Walter Lewis. Ballet Boys: Boris Butleroff, Michael Mann, Milton Barnett, Barry Gunn, Harold Taub, David Preston, Richard D'Arcy, Mischa Pompianov. Act 2 — Paris: Charlotte Hiller, Marie Hiller's Daughter: KITTY CARLISLE. Conductor: Truman Gaige.