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THREE WALTZES A Musical Play in Three Acts, 12 Scenes. Book by Clare Kummer and Rowland Leigh. Adapted from the Swiss operette Drei Walzer by Paul Knepler and Armin Robinson. (Lyrics by Clare Kummer.) Music after Johann Strauss, Sr. (Act 1), after Johann Strauss, Jr. (Act 2), by Oscar Straus (Act 3). (All music adapted by Oscar Straus.) Majestic Theatre, Broadway 25 December, 1937 (122 perfs) Prince's Theatre, London - 1 March, 1945 (189 perfs) SYNOPSIS Originally produced as Les Trois Valses for the Paris Exposition of 1937, the show consists of three acts which follows the lives and loves of three successive generations, the first two unfortunate and the third happily paying for all past sorrows. The first act is set in the Exposition of 1867 and uses the music of Johann Strauss Snr; the second act at the 1900 fair uses the music of Johann Strauss Jnr. The final act uses original music by Oscar Strauss STORY PART 1: VIENNA, 1865 CHARACTERS Fanny Pichler, a dancer at the Kiiratnertor-Theater Beltramini, ballet master at the Kiirntnertor-Theater Kaliwoda, ballet stage manager at the Karntnertor-Theater Josef Brunner, a theatrical agent Johann Brunner, his son Countess Katharina Anastasia Schwarzenegg Count Franz Schwarzenegg, a field marshal Count Egon Carl Maria Schwarzenegg, leader of an army division Count Felix Schwarzenegg, a colonel Count Herbert Schwarzenegg, a major Count Leopold Schwarzenegg Count Rudolf Schwarzenegg, a lieutenant Frau Zomgriiber Difflinger, a painter A rehearsal pianist, ballerinas, the Schwarzeneggs' servant SCENE 1 In the rehearsal room of the Karnmertor-Theater in Vienna the ballerinas are being coached by the ballet master Beltramini . Beltramini is most perturbed that his leading dancer, Fanny Pichler, has so far failed to turn up for this important rehearsal. What can one expect, a lesser ballerina suggests timidly, when one has a count as an admirer? The gentleman in question is Count Rudi Schwarzenegg, a lieutenant in the lancers. When Fanny finally arrives, Beltratnini greets her with a touch of sarcasm, but Fanny is far too full of the joys of the Viennese life to care The theatrical agent Josef Brunner arrives at the theatre with his son Johann. They are making arrangements for the ballet company to visit Paris, but the stage-manager, Kaliwoda, suggests that there is little chance of persuading Fanny Pichler to leave Vienna and her admirer. Brunner junior suggests that he has enough influence with the girl to win her over to the journey, but his father believes that the eighteen-year-old is