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MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I • • OPENING CHORUS (Come, it's summer time) • ENTRANCE OF MUSKETEERS (We're all for one) • TRIO (Constance, Porthos and Aramis) " He for Me" (I'm afraid I'll be a maid) • ENTRANCE OF D'ARTAGNAN (Well, what's all the noise) • RECIT. (Innkeeper and D'Artagnan) and CHORUS (And what do you wish) • DUET (Constance and D'Artagnan) " Heart of Mine" (Heart of mine through shadow) • SONG (D'Artagnan) AND CHORUS " My Sword and I" (To fight for France) • INCIDENTAL MUSIC • CHORUS "Vesper Bell" (Vesper bell and shadows) • SONG (Queen) "My Dreams" (Shadows that gather round) • IOA - FIGHT • QUARTET (D'Artagnan, Athos,Aramis, Porthos) and CHORUS "March of the Musketeers" (In days of yore) • BALLET • TRIO (Queen, Buckingham and Constance) "Love is the Sun" (You ask me what is love) • DUET (Constance and D'Artagnan) "Your Eyes" (Though the road) • INCIDENTAL MUSIC FOR KING'S ENTRANCE • CHORUS "Welcome the Queen" (Welcome to Her Majesty) • FINALE (You sent for me, Sire) ACT II • ENTR'ACTE • OPENING CHORUS AND SONG (Porthos) and CHORUS (Fill up everybody, drink) • SPANISH DANCE • INCIDENTAL MUSIC • SONG (Aramis) and CHORUS "Ma Belle" (I used to say) • INCIDENTAL MUSIC AND CHORUS (Musketeers) (His sword will cleave his way) • 23A REPRISE (Musketeers) - "We are the Musketeers" (We are the Musketeers) • DUET (Constance and D'Artagnan) - "One Kiss" (One kiss from you) • ENSEMBLE (D'Artagnan) and CHORUS " My Sword" (His sword will cleave) • PAGES' DANCE • 26A INCIDENTAL MUSIC • SONG (Buckingham) "Queen of my Heart" (Here in the night) • SONG (Constance) " Ev'ry little while" (Though it seems) • 29A INCIDENTAL MUSIC • FIGHT • 30A CHANGE OF SCENE • REPRISE "My Dreams" (My dreams like swallows) • MINUET • BALLET • ENSEMBLE (Welcome to Her Majesty) • 34A QUEEN'S ENTRANCE • INCIDENTAL MUSIC • 35A & 36 ENSEMBLE (We are the Musketeers) • EXIT AND FINALE