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Thomas returns to England and he agrees to obey Henry in legal matters but not on Church matters. Unable to compromise, Henry realises that he will have to destroy Thomas in order to keep his kingdom. While kneeling in prayer, Thomas is murdered. Henry finds that it is in death that Thomas has achieved martyrdom and, from his grief, Henry vows to build their dream for England. MUSICAL NUMBERS: Processional - Company Look Around You - Henry, Beckett and Village Girls Am I Beautiful? - Jennie Man Of Love - Henry The Question - Beckett and Henry What Choice Have I? - Jennie and Beckett We Shall Do It! - Beckett, Henry and Company Improbable As Spring - Henry Power - Eleanor and Foliot Consecration of Beckett - Company 'Tis Love - Henry and Jennie Sincerity - Two Cardinals The Test - Beckett Replay the Game - Jennie A New Way To Turn - Henry, Beckett, Jennie and Company Will No One Rid Me? - Henry, Eleanor, Jennie and Company So Many Other Worlds - Finale CAST: Thomas Beckett Henry II Eleanor of Aquitaine Jennie Bishop Foliot Cardinal Rossini Cardinal Resphigi Chorus of Bishops, Knights, Courtiers, Village Girls DISCOGRAPHY: Original London Cast (Principal Members) - TER 1009