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THESE FOOLISH KINGS Revue devised by Jack Hylton. Comedy Scenes by William Shakespeare and Bud Flanagan; Comedy directed by Charles Henry; Music & Lyrics by Ross Parker; Choreography by Lionel Blair and Colette Brosset; Musical Director - Jack Ansell. Staged by Alec Shanks. Orchestrations by Billy Ternent. Victoria Palace Theatre, London - 18 December, 1958 (882 perfs) The CAST included Jean Wynser, the Radio Revellers, the John Tiller GIrls, the Showladies, Nervo & Knox, Bud Flanagan, Naughton & Gold, Eddie Gray, Sonya Cordeau, Sigrid Heine, Gerry Atkins, Les Joyeux Rossignols PROGRAMME 1. OVERTURE - Orchestra under the direction of JACK ANSELL 2. THIS CRAZY GAME (Decor and Costumes by Erte) (a) Only a Piece on the Board The White Queen - JEAN WYNSER The Singers - THE RADIO REVELLERS Pieces on the Board - The Dance Group (Sigrid Heine, Gerry Atkins, Dennis Griffiths) Pawns - The John Tiller Girls Knights, Queens and Castles - The Showladies (b) These Foolish Kings - THE CRAZY GANG and 'Monsewer' EDDIE GRAY 3. BACK AGAIN - THE CRAZY GANG 4. DANCING LIGHT (Costumes by Erte) (a) Enchantment The Maid - SONYA CORDEAU The Crystal Chandeliers - The Showladies (b) By Candlelight - THE JOHN TILLER GIRLS ( Routine by Barhata Aitken) 5. THE CHRISTENING - THE CRAZY GANG 6. SUNSHINE IN PORTUGAL (Decor by Anthony Holland) (Costumes by Josephine Clinch) Fishermen - THE RADIO REVELLERS Village Girls - The Showladies and the John Tiller Girls The Coquette - Sigrid Heine Peeping Pedro - Gerry Atkins 7. SENTIMENTAL SERENADE (Sketch by Ralph Reader) - THE RADIO REVELLERS and THE CRAZY GANG 8. CONVERSATION PIECE - LES JOYEUX ROSSIGNOLS 9. RIVIERA NIGHTS (Designed by Dennis Wreford and Alec Shanks) (from an idea by Robert Dhery) (a) Here Comes the Navy The Cafe Singer - SONYA CORDEAU Monsieur le Patron - 'Monsewer' EDDIE GRAY Les Matelots - THE CRAZY GANG (b) Visitors from the Deep - The John Tiller Girls (c) Beauty on the Beach - Gold Diggers of 1957 - JEAN WYNSER and the Showladies