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THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN … David Wood Musical 2 Acts Haymarket Theatre, Leicester 1979 SYNOPSIS This family entertainment weaves the stories of Jack and Jill and Old Mother Hubbard into a story meant mainly for children. STORY Old Mother Shipton lives with Jack, Jill and a large number of children whose parents have been enslaved by an evil Giant. Their home is the Giant's huge shoe, which he lost when taking away the parents. A magician called The Great Boon arrives at their home looking for a circus in which he is meant to perform. When the Giant returns, Boon reduces him to human size with a magic spell, but in doing so reduces the shoe-home to normal size as well. Jack and Jill are off fetching a pail of water while this is going on, and when they meet the shrunken Giant by the well, they trade him Cocky, their family rooster, for a pail of apples which turn out to be rotten. The giant becomes angry when they pursue him, seeking the return of Cocky, and knocks them both down the hill. They return home with nothing to show for their efforts, but Boon again comes to the rescue by creating a magic apple tree loaded with fruit. Boon's next trick, though, misfires when, in a spell which returns the giant's shoe to its original size, he inadvertently returns the Giant to his original stature as well. The children save the day by singing a lullaby which sends the Giant off to sleep, giving Boon time to reduce him once again. Boon's new spell turns the Giant into a midget, and the magician decides to make him part of a circus act. In his final spell, Boon brings back all the missing parents, and everyone goes off to live happily in the former giant's castle. CHARACTERS • Cocky • Mother Shipton • Grandmother • Jill • Gareth • Gary • Dawn • Jane • Nathan • Josh • Claire • Abigail • Jack • The Great Boon • The Giant • ickard • Beale • Lisa • Ben