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THEODORE & CO A Musical Play in 2 Acts, 4 Scenes. Book by H.M. Harwood and George Grossmith, (based on the French of P. Gavault.) Lyrics by Adrian Ross and Clifford Grey. Music by Ivor Novello and Jerome D. Kern. Produced by Mr. George Grossmith & Mr. Edward Laurillard Gaiety Theatre, September 19th, 1916. In conjunction with the The Gaiety Theatre Company. (503 perfs) SYNOPSIS Lord Theodore Wragge is the head of a group of Society spongers helping out Lady Pansy, daughter of the Earl of Shetland, who has got herself photographed with a common adventurer. The ploy is to convince the Earl that it is not Pansy in the photograph but an actress called Baby Grand. When the Earl decides to look at this Baby Grand for himself, Pansy is required to impersonate the actress and a friend's flat is commandeered, but a rendezvous has already been arranged there between the Minister of Movies and the flapper Sapphire. The complications, fast and furious, involve all the other members of the 'gang', including the former seaside comics, Pony Twitchin and Fudge Robinson, until the requisite happy ending is reached. CAST and Original Players Bompas, 24th Duke of Shetland - Mr. Davy Burnaby Pony Twitchen (of the "Crimson Comics") - Mr. Leslie Henson Right Hon. George Wye (Minister of Movies) - Mr. Fred Leslie Mr. Blissett (A Husband) - Mr. Frederick Morant Cosmo Legallos - Mr. Henri :Leoni Mr. Satterthwaite (Of Dowton) - Mr. Victor Gouriet Crump - Mr. Robert Nainby Delatour (Manager of the New Casino) - Mr. Frank Hector A Man with a Blue Envelope - Mr. Ralph Roberts The Emir of Baluchistan - Mr. J. Grande His Interpreter - Mr. Fred Raynham Sir Basil Bowlwell, R.H.G. - Mr. Jameson Thomas Lord Theodore Wragge - Mr. George Grossmith Lady Theresa Wye - Miss Gladys Homfrey Lady Pansy (The Duke's Daughter) - Miss Madge Saunders Hon. Sapphire Blissett - Miss Julia James Fudge Robinson (Of the "Crimson Comics") - Miss Peggy Kurton Alma, "The Statute of Liberty " - Miss Irene Richards 'Cleo, "The Tiptoe Queen" - Miss Adrah Fair Lady Diana Camden - Miss Ivey Collette Lady Moya - Miss Violet Ashton Molly Pershore - Miss Barbara Dunba Marjorie Carstairs - Miss Connie Guy Lady Lilly - Miss Vera Davis Lady Billy - Miss Lilian Caldicott Elizabeth Anne - Miss Margaret Gamble