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Back in court the next day, Brock sits on trial as the chairman interrogates him about the picture. Finally, Tommy stands up and comes clean that the picture is a fake. Schmidt roars at him, but Tommy presses on exposing the entire truth. Brock is satisfied that Schmidt’s evil-doing will at last close the Tenderloin. Schmidt and Frye stand patrolling a dead quiet street. They’ve got a hit man out for Tommy for all of the establishments of the Tenderloin have closed, and all of their business has dried up. Schmidt is sickened by the sight of a group of girls with their bags packed. They’re heading west with the belief that men are basically depraved, so they’ll not have much trouble finding work elsewhere (“Little Old New York” reprise). Brock relaxes at the Parish house in vindication with Laura, Jessica, and Joe. Purdy comes in with news from the Church Elders. It appears that though they appreciate Brock’s determination, and regret the scandal he endured, they feel that all of the turmoil has destroyed the character of their church, and they are asking him to step down. Brock, now an exile, stands in shock as Tommy, likewise an exile, enters to wish Laura farewell before he leaves for Denver (“Tommy, Tommy” reprise). Tommy bids Brock goodbye, and the Revered thanks the young man for giving him back his name. In Detroit, Brock addresses his new congregation. He has already begun to plot a new crusade against sin. This place is no different from the Tenderloin, and as Brock continues with his tirade, he is slowly drowned out by the sounds of prostitutes, bums, liquor, dancing, cops, ambitious journalists, and zealous old preachers colluding in the new but strangely familiar refrain – “Little Old Detroit.” CAST: 14 men, 14 women, chorus. • BRIDGET - Purdy’s maid • CHAIRMAN - The officiating authority over the Trial of the Tenderloin • DEACON - A seedy looking old man Tommy hires to take pictures he can sell to the daily newspapers. • DERELICTS - Bums, drunks, and other ruffians who populate the Tenderloin. • ELLINGTON DUPONT SMYTHE THE SECOND - Laura’s elegant young suitor. • FRYE - A plains clothes detective. • GERTIE - A dreamy and vivacious young prostitute. • JESSICA HAVEMEYER - The skittish young clerk at the church Parish House. • JOE KOVACK - The farmer who discovered coal on his land and made an instant fortune. • LAURA CROSBIE - A pretty young society girl who falls for Tommy against her better judgment and her wealthy uncle’s protestations. • MARGIE - One of the girls Tommy shares an act with at Clark’s tavern. • MARTIN - The rigid, prudish church choirmaster. • MRS. BARKER - A church lady and friend of Rev. Brock. • NITA - The sassy, earthy beauty who finds her way out of prostitution when she falls in love with Joe Kovack. • PURDY - Laura’s wealthy uncle • REVEREND BROCK - The old preacher whose pious, idealistic, and undying ambition to bring down the Tenderloin creates a wave of scandal in every corner of the city. • ROONEY - A police officer. • SERGEANT The sergeant in charge of collecting the money all the derelicts give the police to keep them off their backs. • SCHMIDT - The corrupt but realist police lieutenant who understands that the livelihood of the city is dependent upon underground dealings. • TOMMY HOWATT - A slick and ambitious young reporter who will do anything to climb the ladder of success. ALSO: Pearl, Maggie, Nellie, Liz – notorious prostitutes at Clark’s tavern