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when Bonnie, ever the blabbermouth, tells Billy that Peggy's in Viewport with a brother who's not really her brother, Billy jumps to the obvious conclusion and, ever the loyal friend, informs Kenneth of his Pierrette's deceit. (Billy's quite content to break up the pair; after all, he's still committed to fixing up Kenneth with his sister Margaret). Ken confronts Peg, but she's too hurt by the accusation to tell him the truth. The lovers quarrel, and suddenly, with the imminent arrival of Jane's father, all three relationships seem in jeopardy. Misunderstandings are resolved a few hours later in the hotel garden where Bonnie has taken a job as an eccentric dancer and Monty is working as a waiter to pay off his hotel bill. As Kenneth laments his broken heart, Peg takes pity and reveals the reasons for her deception. Jane's mother asserts her position as head of the Wallace household and blesses her daughter's engagement to Monty. And as the three couples celebrate their impending nuptials, Peg and Billy stumble upon each other for the first time in months — "Billy!" "Margaret!" — and brother and sister, too, are reunited. —Tommy Krasker CAST • Gertrude • Harry • Kenneth Dennison • Peggy Van De Leur • Billy Smith, Peggy's brother • Bonnie Reeves • Mannequins at Maison Elise (4) • Toots • Edith • Pages (2) • Mrs. Pennyfeather • Monty Sipkin, Head Salesman at Maison Elise • Jane Wallace • Mrs. Wallace, Jane's Mother • George B. Wallace, Jane's Father • Monsieur Cerise, Manager of The Balsams • Cashier of the B. & T. Restaurant • Waiters at The Balsams (2) • Doorman • Specialty Dancers; Debutantes and Shop Girls; Escorts SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1: The Three Arts Ball, Sutton Hall, New York City. Scene 2: A corridor, Sutton Hall. Scene 3: Maison Elise, Fifth Avenue. Act 2: Scene 1: The Balsams, Viewport, New Hampshire. A week later. Scene 2: Lobby of the Hotel. Scene 3: Gardens of the Hotel. MUSICAL NUMBERS • Tell Me More - Peggy Van De Leur, Kenneth Dennison • Reprise - Peggy Van De Leur, Kenneth Dennison • Opening Ensemble (Shopgirls and Mannequins) - Shop Girls, Debutantes, Escorts • Mr. and Mrs. Sipkin - Monty Sipkin, Shop Girls • When the Debbies Go By - Jane Wallace, Debs, Boys • Reprise - Peggy Van De Leur, Kenneth Dennison • Three Times a Day - Peggy Van De Leur, Kenneth Dennison • Why Do I Love You? - Jane Wallace, Monty Sipkin, Pages, Boys, Girls • How Can I Win You Now? (Duet) (Music by William Daly. Lyrics by Ira Gershwin) - Bonnie Reeves, Billy Smith (Replaced by …) • Once - Bonnie Reeves, Billy Smith