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• Duet - Algy, Alma and Girls - "I have loved full many a girl who liked me fairly well; my first sweetheart's name was Pearl, my second's name was Belle..." • Entrance of Shah - "Ah! Ah! Ah! Shout and sing, and laurels bring for our Regent Omar. Yes, rejoice with heart and voice to welcome him..." • Song - Omar and Chorus - "Do you believe in fairies? For if you do, I'll tell about a land, a distant land where none but fairies dwell..." (4 verses) • Finale Act II - "Sing fol de me lol to you, Omar Khayyam, as a jolly old rounder you were not a sham..." CAST Omar Khayam, Jr., astrologer, poet and sworn foe to temperance Abdallah,'an'Arab chief Algy Cuffs, a matinee idol Hashish, janitor of the Shah's Harem Muley, inspector of the mint Ali, court nuisance Yussuf, bad news specialist The Shah (of Persia), who travels for his health until very late every evening A Muezzin, who calls the people to prayer, but they don't come Leila, beloved of Omar, but nothing doing Alma, daughter of Omar Fatima, a wall flower Imported American Bridesmaids Miss Vandergilt, of New York Miss Penn of Philadelphia Miss Lakeside of Chicago Miss Beacon of Boston Miss Bridge of Brooklyn Miss Frisk of 'Frisco Miss Vine of St. Louis Miss Charles of Baltimore Miss Mint of Washington Omar's Four Wards (being translations of their Oriental names) Star of Evening Blush of Dawn Rose of Summer Bird of Paradise Multi Omar's Nephews, educated in American colleges Ahmed Selim Hassan Canem Dancing Slaves Snake Charmers SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place at the present time in Persia. Act I: The Courtyard of the Regent's Palace. Act 2: The Rose Garden of the Shah.