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Lullabye - Ginnie Tap Tap - Daddy Bates, Willie, Dipsey Dance If It Makes You Happy - Willie, Dipsey, Daddy Bates, Carole, Dancers William's Song - Wiliiam Class Act (Finale) - The Family For a subsequent national tour, substantial changes were made to the book and score as follows: Production re-directed by by Jerry Zaks. New Act 1, Scene 1: Dipsey's Comin' Over - Willie New Act 1, Scene 2: Rehearsal Studio: High Heels - Dipsey, Carole, Dancers Something Better, Something More - Dipsey Act 2, Scene 2 and 3 reversed New Act 2, Scene 4: Rehearsal Studio Dipsey's Vaudeville - Dancers, Dipsey, Carole I Remember How It Was (moved from Scene 3) Former Scene 4 now Scene 5 New Act 2, Scene 6 (replacing former Scenes 5 and 6): A Theatre. Scenes and Settings The action takes place at the present time in New York City's Roosevelt Island and Manhattan. Act 1 Scene 1: Dining Room. Scene 2: Dipsey's Loft. Scene 3: William's Study. Scene 4: Playground. Scene 5: Manhattan. Scene 6: The Fabulous Westway Hotel Ballroom. Scene 7: William's Study. Scene 8: Terrace. Act 2 Scene 1: Dining Room. Scene 2: Playground. Scene 3: Dipsey's Loft. Scene 4: Willie's Bedroom. Scene 5: Manhattan. Scene 6: Dispey's Loft. Scene 7: Street. Discography Original Broadway Cast Recording - TER 1096