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Ginnie comes to Dipsey's loft, confused and upset, not knowing what to do about Willie. Dipsey tells her to let Willie try out for a small part in his new show. Ginnie, knowing what the consequences might be, refuses. Echoing Emma's earlier sentiments, Dipsey accuses Ginnie of caring only about keeping her husband happy. On her way home, alone on a deserted Manhattan street, Ginnie wonders what to do about her life with William. She goes to Willie's bedroom, takes a deep breath, and tells him about tomorrow's audition for Dipsey's show. Willie is beside himself with happiness. Ginnie tucks him in and stays with her son until he falls asleep. Willie dreams a wonderful dream starring his grandfather. Daddy Bates floats into his room and dances for the boy. The following day. Willie auditions for the show. The bug of finally being on a stage propels Willie into o technicolor fantasy in which he is surrounded by his idols, all the great dancers: Fred Astaire, Bojangles, Gene Kelly, The Nicholas Brothers, Dipsey and Daddy Bates — all of them, dancing with him. Willie gets the part, and Ginnie takes him and Emma to Dipsey's loft where they wait for William. William arrives and when Ginnie tells him the news, he is outraged. Emma is the first to stand up to her father. Her speech, coupling the courtroom savvy of a seasoned professional with the vulnerability of a hurt child, is a powerful indictment against William for alienation of affection and loss of aid to dependent children, Ginnie then tells William that things can't go on the way they are. You can't make all of the decisions ... all of the time! William explodes and in a frightening display, pours out his deep-rooted anger and anguish. William, alone now in front of Dipsey's building, waits, not knowing what will happen. Emma comes out and she and her father finally reach an understanding. Then Willie appears. He tells his father he's not taking the part in Dipsey's show, gently adding, but someday... ! Then Ginnie comes out, followed by Dipsey. The air is cleared; compromises are made. And although some of their dreams may be slightly shattered, another day dawns and the family is intact. They are, after all, a first class act! Robert Lorick CAST (in order of appearance): Willie Ginnie Dulcie Emma William Dipsey Mona Carole Daddy Bates Winslow Joe Little Rio Dancers and New Yorkers MUSICAL NUMBERS Another Day - Ginnie, Emma, Willie Four Strikes Against Me - Emma Class Act - Ginnie, Dipsey, Daddy Bates They Never Hear What I Say - Emma, Willie Dancing Is Everything - Willie Crosstown - Willie, New Yorkers Fabulous Feet - Dipsey, Carole, Dancers I Could Get Used to Him - Carole, Dancers Man in the Moon - Dipsey Like Him - Emma, Ginnie Someday - Emma, Willie My Luck Is Changing - Dipsey I Remember How It Was - Ginnie