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THE TALK OF THE TOWN A Revue produced by George Black Adelphi Theatre, London - 16 November, 1954 The Cast included: Jimmy Edwards, Tony Hancock, Joan Turner, The Trio Bassi, Page and Bray, Lucienne and Astor, The John Tiller Girls, Kathryn Moore, Billy McCormack, Reg O'List, Charles Holford, Denver Thornton, Ted Hyde, Glen Blake. Directed by Alec Shanks and Joan Davis Comedy Sequences by Frank Muir and Denis Norden Dances arranged by Joan Davis Orchestrations by Billy Ternent and Ronald Hanmer PROGRAMME 1. OVERTURE - The Adelphi Theatre Orchestra under the direction of Jack Ansell 2. CURTAIN UP! (a) Introduction, by the Male Choir, to THE CURTAIN OF CRYSTAL and The John Tiller Girls (b) THE CURTAIN OF MAGIC reveals Kathryn Moore and her Dancing Escorts (c) THE CURTAIN OF MIRRORS reflects Billy McCormack, the Lovely Ladies and the Ballerinas (d) THE CURTAIN OF MELODY rises on The Mistress of Song - Kathryn Moore and on to THE STAIRWAY OF SPLENDOUR 3. LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE - Jimmy Edwards 4. SOMETHING AFOOT The Trio Bassi 5. SEND THE RELIEF! - (From an idea by Michael Bentine) Introduced by - Reg O’List The Lighthouse Keeper - Jimmy Edwards His Mate - Tony Hancock 6. ROMANCE IN LACE - Music and Lyrics by Ron Parker Loveliness in Lace - Billy McCormack The Talk of the Town Lovelies 7. A DICKENS OF A READING - Tony Hancock 8. YOUR FRIEND AND MINE Dave King 9. PARIS BY NIGHT - Music and Lyrics by Phil Park (a) Rue des Mauvais Gargons The Parisian - Reg O’List (b) A La Rose Rouge La Chanteuse - Kathryn Moore