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Argument – Marquis St. Evremonde and Charles Darnay Dover – Miss Pross, Jerry Cruncher and Sailors The Way It Ought to Be – Sydney Carton No Honest Way — John Barsad, Jerry, Sydney Carton and Scoundrels The Trial — Attorney General, Stryver, Jerry, Barsad, Sydney and Crowd Round and Round — Tavern Folk Reflection — Sydney The Way It Ought to Be (Reprise) — Madame Letter From Uncle — Marquis The Promise — Dr. Manette and Charles I Can’t Recall — Sydney Resurrection Man — Jerry and Cronies Now at Last — Charles and Lucie If Dreams Came True — Charles and Sydney Out of Sight, Out of Mind — Madame I Always Knew — Gabelle and Charles Little One — Gaspard, Little Lucie, Sydney, Ernest and Men Until Tomorrow — Ernest, Madame, Sydney and Men and Women of Paris Act II Everything Stays the Same — Madame, Ernest and Men and Women of Paris No Honest Way (Reprise) — Barsad The Tale — Madame, Dr. Manette, Young Man, Marquis and Crowd If Dreams Came True (Reprise) — Sydney, Charles Without a Word √ — Lucie The Bluff — Sydney and Barsad Let Her Be a Child — Sydney, Little Lucie and Charles The Letter — Sydney Lament — Ernest Finale: I Can’t Recall — Seamstress, Sydney and Men and Women of Paris CAST Sydney Carton Jerry Cruncher Lucie Manette Ernest Defarge Dr. Alexander Manette Jarvis Lorry Little Gaspard Charles Darnay Miss Pross Marquis St. Evermonde Little Lucie Manette Madame Defarge John Barsad