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immediately brought back down to earth with the birth of his son. They are scheduled to do a "Hello Fellas" feature film, but, realising they must try to break the "Hello Fellas" image, the guys renegotiate their deal with MGM and do a movie with their own material. The movie is rejected by the public who prefer to see them in drag and by critics who urge them to stick to television. Kenny, who has been retreating further and further into his own inner reality, says goodbye to a life and a world he no longer feels a part of. With Kenny's death, the team is shattered. Ted decides to go back to New York, and take stock of his life, knowing that he must deal with the world, alone and without any illusions. Phil stays in L.A. and continues as a prime-time TV star in his own series, "Hello, Comrade," about a CIA agent in Russia in drag. In New York City, Ted opens up his own comedy club, called "Klausterman's" where he can do what he does best and introduce young new comics along the way. As the lights dim, Ted introduces a new comic. The show ends. Another story begins. Jerry Colker CAST (in order of appearance) Ted Klausterman Kenny Brewster Phil Kunin MUSICAL NUMBERS Overture - Promise of Greatness - Ted Angry Guy/Lovely Day - Phil Don't Wanna Be No Superstar - Ted, Phil Operator - Kenny Screaming Clocks (The Dummies Song) - Ted, Phil, Kenny, "Mr. Dirtball," "Spike," "Steve" The History of Stand-Up Comedy - Ted, Phil, Kenny Dreams of Heaven - Kenny Don't Wanna Be No Superstar (Reprise) - Ted, Phil, Kenny Kamikaze Kabaret - Ted, Phil, Kenny The American Dream - Ted, Phil, Kenny What a Ride! - Ted, Phil, Kenny The "Hello Fellas" TV Special World Tour - Ted, Phil, Kenny A Father Now - Phil "Three Guys Naked From the Waist Down" Theme. - Ted, Phil, Kenny Dreams of Heaven (Reprise)- Kenny I Don't Believe in Heroes Anymore - Ted Promise of Greatness (Finale) - Ted DISCOGRAPHY Original off-Broadway Cast - CD TER 1100