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THE TAILOR-MADE MAN Book, Original Play by Claudio Macor; Book by Claudio Macor and Amy Rosenthal; Music and Lyrics by Adam Meggido The Arts Theatre, London - 14 February - 6th April, 2013 (season) SYNOPSIS The show is based on a true story of love, success and betrayal. Set in the 1930's, the drama unfolds around William Haines, the silent screen star who was fired by Louis B Mayer of MGM Studios because he was gay and refused to marry a woman and give up his life-long partner, Jimmy Shields. STORY In 1930, William ‘Billy’ Haines was one of MGM’s most idolised male stars, second only to John Gilbert. On screen he was tailor-made to get the girl in the last reel. On the back lot he cruised every bit player and stagehand in sight. Billy lived openly with his lover and former stand-in Jimmy Shields. This was tolerated by the studio until rumours started to seep out into the wider world. Louis B Mayer ordered him to marry the sultry silent screen vamp Pola Negri. Billy refused and so Louis B Mayer fired him. Billy’s defiance of the studio led to his second and even more successful career as an interior designer to the stars. THE TAILORMADE MAN is a story about Hollywood and its system and hypocrisy, but above all it is the story of Billy and Jimmy’s turbulent, passionate love affair that survived and lasted over 50 years. CAST Marion Davies William Haines Louis B.Mayer Betsy Dawson Jimmy Shields Victor Darro Eleanor Boardman Robert E McIntyre Miss Carey Pola Negri Tommy Older Jimmy Howard Strickling More information on the Musical's website