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Scene VII - A Man, a Girl and a Dance The Man - Walter Williams The Girl - Ethel Baird The Dance “Think Again” (Lyric by Ronald Jeans Music by Ivor Novello) Scene VIII Odette Myrtil and Chorus “I Love You for Loving Me” (Lyric By Ronald Jeans, Music By Bob Adams) Scene IX Beatrice Lillie “I Said Good-bye” (Lyric by Ronald Jeans Music by Ivor Novello) Scene X - Would they—if it wasn’t for the others? (An interrogation in five conversations ) The Husband - Guy Le Feuvre The Wife - Doris Barrington The Clerk - Dan O’Neill The Stenographer - Ethel Baird The Young Man - Walter Williams The Maid - Marjorie Burgess Scene XI On the River He - Beatrice Lillie She - Alfred Austin “My River Girl” (Lyric by Ronald Jeans Music by Ivor Novello) Scene XII - Ragtime Entire company “We’ve Got to Do It In Ragtime Now” Lyric by Hugh E Wright Music by Pat Trayer ACT II Scene I - “Sammy” (Lyric by Douglas Furber, Music by Muriel Lillie Beatrice Lilli and Chorus Scene II • “THE FICTION AND THE FACT” - Three Examples Example 1 The Husband - Alfred Austin The Wife - Doris Barrington Example 2 Isabel - Ethel Baird Her Swain - Dan O’Neill Her Mistress - Tiny Grattan Example 3 The Doctor - Albert Wallace The Patient - Ralph Lynn The Wife - Margaret Campbell The Maid - Joan Emney The Man - Dan O’Neill