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TWO'S COMPANY A Musical Revue in Two Acts, 19 Scenes. Sketches by Charles Sherman, Peter DeVries, (Arnold B. Horwitt, Lee Rogow, Nat Hiken, Billy Friedberg, Mort Green, George Foster, Oliver Wakefield). Music by Vernon Duke, (Sheldon Harnick). Lyrics by Ogden Nash, (Sammy Cahn, Sheldon Harnick). Sketches directed by Jules Dassin. Additional lyrics by Sammy Cahn, (Sheldon Harnick). Musical supervisor and conductor, Milton Rosenstock. Scenery and lighting by Ralph Alswang. Costumes by Miles White. Ballet music by Genevieve Pitot and David Baker. Vocal arrangements by Milton Rosenstock. Associate producer, Clifford Hayman. Dances and musical numbers staged by Jerome Robbins. Entire production under the supervision of John Murray Anderson. Produced by James Russo and Michael Ellis. Opened 15 December 1952 at the Alvin Theatre and closed 8 March 1953 after 90 performances CAST: Bette Davis, Hiram Sherman, David Burns, Bill Callahan, Nora Kaye, Stanley Prager, Ellen Hanley, George S. Irving, Maria Karnilova, Buzz Miller, Oliver Wakefield, Peter Kelley Singers: Art Carroll, Clifford Fearl, Bill Krach, Robert Neukum, Franklin Neil, Leonore Korman, Tina Louise, May Muth, Basha Regis, Deborah Remsen, (Sue Hight), Teddy Tavenner, Doris Wolin. Dancers: William Inglis, John Kelly, Ralph Linn, Job Sanders, Stanley Simmons, Florence Baum, Jeanna Belkin, Eleanor Boleyn, Barbara Heath, Dorothy Hill, Julie Marlowe, Helen Murielle. ROBERT ORTON'S TEEN ACES: Robert Orton, Francis Edwards, Henry Mallory, Gilbert Shipley, Armstead Shobey, Norman Shobey. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 Opening - "Theatre Is a Lady" (Music by Vernon Duke. Lyrics by Ogden Nash. Orchestrated by Don Walker.) Introduced by H. Sherman. "Turn Me Loose on Broadway" (Music by Vernon Duke. Lyrics by Ogden Nash. Orchestrated by Clare Grundman.) And a Little Child (by Arnold B. Horwitt and Lee Rogow) Producer: Secretary: Dudley Dawson: Rollo: Butler: Mrs. Wilkins: "It Just Occurred to Me" (Music by Vernon Duke. Lyrics by Sammy Cahn. Orchestrated by Clare Grundman.) Jealousy (by Nat Hiken and Billy Friedberg) Helen: Stanley: "Baby Couldn't Dance" (Music by Vernon Duke. Lyrics by Ogden Nash. Orchestrated by Clare Grundman.) Girl: Boy:Professor: Pupils: "A Man's Home" (Music and Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick. Orchestrated by Don Walker.) One's a Crowd (by Mort Green and George Foster) That One: Reggie: J.C.: Harassed Gentleman: Audience: "Roundabout" (Music by Vernon Duke. Lyrics by Ogden Nash. Scenario by Horton Foote and Jerome Robbins. Orchestrated by Don Walker.) The Voice of Inexperience (by Oliver Wakefield) "Roll Along, Sadie" (Music by Vernon Duke. Lyrics by Ogden Nash. Orchestrated by Phil Lang.)