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TWO ON THE AISLE A Musical Revue in Two Acts, 20 Scenes. Music by Jule Styne. Sketches and lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Mark Hellinger Theatre, New York - 19 July, 1951 (276 perfs) Original Cast: Bert Lahr, Dolores Gray, Elliot Reid, Colette Marchand, J. C. McCord, Kathryne Mylroie, Stanley Prager, Robert Gallagher, Larry Laurence, Alan LeRoy, Richard Gray, Gordon Hamilton, Patricia Tobin. With singers, dancers and showgirls, condctors, suitors, chorus MUSICAL NUMBERS: (In some cases the original cast members names are given for production purposes) • Show Train - Conductors, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ensemble. • Hold Me Tight (Hold Me-Hold Me-Hold Me) - Suitors, Maid, girl • Highlights from the World of Sports - Producer: Announcer: Cameramen: Lefty Hogan • East River Hoe Down (Here She Comes Now) (Ensemble) • There Never Was a Baby Like My Baby - Wife: Husband: • Space Brigade - Hodgkins: Hotchkiss: Hitchcock: Captain Universe: Higgins: Radio Voice: Queen Chlorophyl: Denizens of Venus: • If You Hadn't, But You Did - The Girl: The Other Woman: The Man: • The Clown - Bert • The Guide Book - Three Urchins: The Girl: The Lovers: Traveller: The American: • Here's What You Said - Elliott • Catch Our Act (Vaudeville Ain't Dead) - Two Vaudevillians • At the Met - Siegfried: B. Brünnhilde: The Dragon: - Dance ensemble assisted by Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ensemble. • Everlasting Kathryne , Fred, dancers assisted by Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ensemble. • Schneider's Miracle (by Nat Hiken and William Friedberg) - Schneider: Mrs. Higgleston: Piper: Miss Flaherty: Inspector: Man on Bench: Little Girl: Policeman: Passers-by: • Give a Little, Get a Little Love Dolores, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ensemble • Didy Dolls - Bert, Ladies of the Ensemble: Voice: • Triangle • (1) Hubby:Wifey: Lovey: • (2) Husband: Wife: Close Friend: • (3) He: She: Him: • Dog Show - Judge: Russian Wolfhounds: Their Trainer: Pekinese: Her Trainer: Cocker Spaniels: Their Trainer: Dalmatians: Their Trainer: French Poodle: Her Manager: • How Will He Know? Mr. Murdock: Miss Travers: • Finale - Entire Company