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away, Proteus is overcome with lust for Silvia. He throws himself on top of her. At first she protests, but then starts to giggle. At that moment Valentine finds them. Silvia is embarrassed; Proteus is contrite, as Valentine tells him, "Proteus, I must never trust thee more." But before they can sort things out, Eglamour returns with reinforcements in the form of a Chinese dragon - the type that one might see in a parade. Proteus and Valentine defend themselves with swords; eventually the dragon turns on Eglamour and chases him off. Julia, Lucetta, Launce and Speed arrive as Valentine and Proteus forgive each other in the aftermath of the battle. In a magnanimous gesture to restore their friendship, Valentine relinquishes to Proteus his claim to Silvia. Hearing this, Julia swoons, and Proteus at last recognizes her. Lucetta, Speed and Launce advise her not to have the baby but Julia, ever faithful to Proteus, decides to take him back, albeit on her terms. And he agrees. Valentine confronts Thurio who, being a complete coward, gives up all claims to Silvia and runs away. The Duke, seeing Thurio's actions, decides that Valentine is a much better suitor offer all, and presents Silvia to him. Thurio sees Lucetta, and it's love at first sight. He douses her with confetti and they run off together. Launce, too, has finally found love. Back in Milan, the Duke wishes everyone well. The Finale of the show is a literal free-for-all, with cast members playing basketball, throwing frisbees into the audience, blowing bubbles, juggling, twirling batons, and even swinging from the rafters, while red paper heart confetti falls from everywhere: an enormous and joyful celebration of life and love. MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Bring All the Boys Back Home • Calla Lily Lady • Don't Have the Baby • Deragon Flight • Eglamour • Follow the Rainbow • Hot Lover • Howl • I Am Not Interested in Love • I Love My Father • I'd Like to Be a Rose • Kidnapped • Land of Betrayal • Love Has Driven Me Sane • Love, Is That You? • Love Me • Love's Revenge • Mansion • Milkmaid • Night Letter • Pearls • Summer, Summer • Symphony • That's a Very Interesting Question • Thou, Julia, Thou Has Metamorphosed Me • Thou, Proteus, Thou Has Metamorphosed Me • Thurio's Samba • To Whom It May Concern Me • Two Gentlemen of Verona • What a Nice Idea • What Does a Lover Pack? • What's a Nice Girl Like Her • Where's North? • Who Is Sylvia? (Words - William Shakespeare)