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Noah and his family emerge after a forty-day downpour to see a vast ocean and a sunny day, and they make plans for the future. Japheth remains estranged, but Noah's attention is now directed to his wife, who feels ill and needs reassurance from her now much-younger husband. Elsewhere on the ship Ham has become infatuated with Goldie. In her unsuccessful defence against his advances, she reminds him about her sacred untouchable status as a temple girl. Relationships in a jumble, the family watches the rudderless ark collide with floating debris from the old world. Again Japheth wants to install a rudder, but Noah refuses. Immediately the ark hits something and begins to sink, and Japheth takes charge, while Noah goes off to get drunk. Japheth and Rachel now understand that they can't live without each other. Across the boat, Shem and Leah are conversely looking for reasons to stay together, which they decide to do, grudgingly. When Noah returns as an old man again, he finds the family in turmoil. Ham wants to divorce Rachel and marry Goldie. Japheth and Rachel want to marry. Esther is on their side, but Esther is dying. Noah resists, but as Esther dies in his arms, he finally agrees. With the earth dry once more, Noah must now say goodbye to his children: each couple goes off in a different direction, each wife now big with child. His work is completed, but Noah is not content. He demands that God give him a sign, a promise not to destroy the world again. Noah offers God a deal: if God will preserve the earth, people will remember His name. God signals agreement and a rainbow appears as the curtain falls. MUSICAL NUMBERS: Why Me? - Noah Put Him Away - Noah, Shem, Ham & Esther The Gitka's Song - The Family, Noah, the Gitka Somewhere, Somewhere - Japheth You Have Got To Have A Rudder On the Ark - Noah, Shem, Ham & Japheth Something Doesn't Happen - Rachel & Esther An Old Man - Esther Ninety Again! - Noah Two By Two - Noah & the Family I Do Not Know A Day I Did Not Love You - Japheth When It Dries - Noah and the Family You - Noah The Golden Ram - Goldie Poppa Knows Best - Noah, Japheth, Shem and Ham As Far As I'm Concerned - Shem, Leah Hey, Girlie - Noah The Covenant - Noah DISCOGRAPHY: Original Broadway Cast - Sony Broadway SK 30338