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TWISTED: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier Music by A. J. Holmes; lyrics by Kaley McMahon; book by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, and Eric Kahn Gale Greenhouse Theatre, Chicagoon - July 4 - July 28 (limited run) STORY Ja’far, the Royal Vizier, walks through the Magic Kingdom while conversing with the villagers, who blame him for all of their problems (“Dream a Little Harder”). The Captain of the Guard informs Ja’far of a thief, Aladdin, terrorizing the populace and humiliating the visiting Prince Achmed of PikZahr. Aladdin then appears, gloating that he lives by taking whatever he wants (“I Steal Everything”). Ja’far returns to the palace but is greeted by an angry Prince Achmed, upon whom the Princess has set her pet tiger. Insulted, Prince Achmed declares war on the Magic Kingdom. Ja’far berates the Princess for her actions and carelessness, while she naïvely longs for a life of freedom (“Everything and More”). Ja’far finds a golden necklace that reminds him of his past (“Sands of Time”). In a flashback, Ja’far is loved by the villagers and teaches them to follow “The Golden Rule”. On his first day on the job as Assistant Royal Vizier, Ja’far discovers that the Royal Vizier and his court are corrupt and only care about money (“The Golden Rule (Evil Reprise)”). His mood is lifted when palace storyteller Scheherazade tells him the story of the Tiger Head Cave, which contains an oil lamp housing a wish-granting Djinn. Ja’far and Scheherazade fall in love and marry (“A Thousand and One Nights”). The Sultan is attracted to Scheherazade and claims her as his wife. She gives Ja’far her scarab necklace and vows that they will be reunited one day. Back in the present, Ja’far decides to seek out the Tiger Head Cave and the wish-granting Djinn (“If I Believed”). The Princess meets Aladdin and is entranced by his lack of concern for royal power and his freedom, although she is oblivious to his sexual advances. He then talks about his past, and how he recently became an orphan (“Orphaned At Thirty-Three”). Before they can kiss, they are caught by the royal guards, who throw Aladdin in prison and take the Princess home. Ja’far bails Aladdin out of jail to go to the Tiger Head Cave and retrieve the Djinn’s lamp. The Princess, Aladdin, and Ja’far all reflect on what they want most: a happy ending (“Happy Ending”). As Aladdin exits the Tiger Head Cave and discovers the secret of the lamp, he decides to take it for himself. Prince Achmed despairs that he will only be remembered as a “throwaway joke” (“No One Remembers Achmed”). Believing that destroying the Princess’ kingdom will win her affections, he and his soldiers march to war. Back in the Magic Kingdom, Ja’far tries to warn the Princess about Aladdin. The Captain tells them that a parade is taking place in the market, led by a mysterious visiting prince. Aladdin visits the Princess, who sees through his prince disguise immediately. Aladdin takes the Princess on a magic carpet ride where he unsuccessfully tries to convince her to “Take Off Your Clothes”. The Princess asks him to marry her; he reluctantly agrees. Ja’far escapes and manages to take the lamp. He imagines being visited by characters from Scheherazade‘s tales, who claim that their stories have been twisted to the point where they are portrayed as villains (“Twisted”). Ja’far accepts that he has to take the “twisted” path. He uses his first wish on the lamp to make himself Sultan; the second to make himself a powerful sorcerer. Aladdin takes the Princess hostage and reveals a darker, more sinister personality. Ja’far realizes that the Princess is his daughter. Aladdin agrees to release the Princess in exchange for the lamp, but before Ja’far hands it over, he uses his final wish to free the Djinn and take its place in the lamp. Ja’far gives the lamp to the Princess, believing her youth and passion make her the only one who can truly use its power to its fullest potential (“The Power In Me”). The Princess wishes to bring a peaceful end to the war with Pik-Zahr, and for the kingdom to have a Sultan that will make it the happiest place on Earth once again.