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THE TRUTH ABOUT CINDERELLA Musical. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by David Rogers. Book by June Walker Rogers. Written 1975 - unproduced SYNOPSIS Charles Strouse, the composer of Bye, Bye, Birdie and Applause! has written another score with a today sound in rocking, rollicking rhythms to David Rogers' lilting. laughing lyrics. June Walker Rogers has provided a hilarious comedy spoof book based on Sir Osbert Sitwell's Cinderella Complex. Poor Cinderella? Not this time! It's poor stepmother and sisters - sweetly, desperately trying to drag Cinderella away from her beloved brooms and brushes to the ball! Two Godmothers - two! One who tells Cinderella the truth that she must shape up and stop making herself and everyone else miserable. The other gives advice on how to make everyone even more miserable! One Royal Family - one! The King, determined to marry off his son, The Queen, determined not to. The Prince, a lyric tenor who says nothing. It's all upside down and all laughs. True to tradition, Cinderella wins her Prince but there is an interesting switch. Simple sets and optional costumes with exciting but easy-to-play orchestrations by Broadway's Phil J. Lang. Any group can produce this show without difficulty and any group can enjoy it. CAST: 9m., 14w., extras, plus flexible chorus. • A Page - court attendant • The Prince - himself • Cinderella herself • A Stenographer bit part • The King - Prince’s father • The Queen - Prince’s mother • The Herald - court attendant • Humpleby - Cinderella’s servant • Scully - Cinderella’s servant • Lady Laughingtower (Lily) – Cinderella’s stepmother • Diana - Lily’s daughter • Pamela - Lily’s daughter • Sir James Cinderella’s father • Dame Prudence - “good “fairy godmother • Dame Wiley - “bad” fairy godmother • Lady Southport - a family friend • Millicent - her niece • Lord Scone - another family friend • Lady Scone - his wife • Caroline - their granddaughter • Greg - Pamela’s friend • Doctor Heath - the minister • Hugh Fitzhugh - Diana’s friend • Dentist – bit part • Four Girls • Guests, Servants, Courtiers, Girls, and Escorts as desired Area staging. Audition tape and orchestration available. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture 2. A Princess for the Prince 3. Help Stamp Out Dirt 4. The Truth About Cinderella 5. You’re a New Kind of Girl 6. The Clumsy Waltz 7. Find the Foot 8. Passionate 9. I’m Ready For You