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TROUBADOUR Musical in 2 acts: Music by Ray Holder; lyrics and book by Michael Lombardi. Cambridge Theatre, 19 December 1978. (76 performances) STORY Set in 12th Century France, this is a tale of Courtly Love, the intricate medieval concept of placing woman on a pedestal as the recipient of deep emotional feeling, even if such sentiment is not returned. The young chauvinist, Lupus, believes woman is totally subservient to man, and should be beaten if she dares disobey. His beating goes too far, and he is imprisoned. The Viscountess Ermengarde, who rules the province of Narbon, decides to tutor him in the rules and code of Courtly Love, and the show charts his progress and conversion to what was the politically correct attitudes of that era. MUSICAL NUMBERS • Vendors' Cries • The Wife Beating Song • Troubador • One Only Rose • Woman Is a Cheat • Can Anyone Assist Me? • Panic in the Palace • The Loneliness of Power • Ave Maris Stella • If There Is Love • Aubade • Onward to Jerusalem • We Must Have Jerusalem • Mary's Child • Kalenda Maya • Admirabile • Melancholy Lover • Islamic Prayer • Mime Dance Interlude • Woman, Whoever You Are CAST: Lupus-Oblatus Ermengarde Pierre Vidal-Saladin