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Hesione appears wearing makeup, a new hairstyle and jewellry. She finds ‘Phocian’ and proclaims her love. Hermocrates arrives and has also fallen in love with princess Leonide. Proving that ‘when it rains, it pours’ Agis proclaims, ‘O merciful heavens above! Her sentiments match mine! The charms of her speech have thrown me into passion’s chasm.’ Observing the inane behaviour of their betters, Dimas and Harlequin sing, “Henchmen Are Forgotten.” Corine arrives and reveals her true identity confirming what they’ve just sung and demanding a reprise. Hermocrates arrives wigged and grotesquely made up for his nuptials. He admits that to Agis that he has let his logic lapse and fallen in love. Hesione appears dressed with a similar intent. Each hopes to sneak out of town without the other knowing their real intent but they weaken and confess simultaneously. They reveal their respective portraits of princess Leonide and, realising they’ve been duped, demand an explanation. The princess tells the truth. Agis is moved by her frankness and hopelessly in love tells her that now Sparta will be ruled by the mind (his) tempered by the heart, theirs, which they’ll share as man and wife. They all sing the finale, “Then let the world be told, how sweet it is to fall with heart and mind at last entwined, a triumph of love for all.” As they leave Hesione consuls Hermocrates, "Maybe we’ll meet someone at the wedding." The curtain falls. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 This Day of Days - Hesione, Harlequin, Dimas, Agis, Hermocrates Anything - Princess Léonide The Bond That Can't Be Broken - Princess Léonide, Agis Mr. Right - Corine, Harlequin (Music by Van Dyke Parks.) You May Call Me Phocion - Princess Léonide, Hesione Mr. Right (reprise) - Corine, Dimas Emotions - Hermocrates, Princess Léonide The Sad and Sordid Saga of Cécile - Princess Léonide, Agis, Corine, Harlequin, Dimas Serenity - Hesione Issue in Question - Agis Teach Me Not to Love You - The Company ACT 2 Have a Little Faith - Corine, Princess Léonide, Harlequin, Dimas (Music by Michael Kosarin.) The Tree - Hesione, Hermocrates What Have I Done? - Princess Léonide Henchmen Are Forgotten - Harlequin, Dimas, Corine Love Won't Take No for an Answer - Hermocrates, Hesione, Agis This Day of Days (reprise) - Princess Léonide, Agis, Corine, Harlequin, Dimas SETTINGS The action takes place in the garden retreat of the philosopher Hermocrates, an eighteenth century GrecoFrench topiary labyrinth.