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Simon wants to punish Treemonisha by throwing her into a wasps' nest; he starts counting to three, but breaks off when he sees an unfamiliar figure. The conjurors all believe it is the devil incarnate, and they run away.Treemonisha, however, immediately recognises Remus under the scarecrow's disguise. Remus rescues Treemonisha, and the two leave the woods, heading for home through the cotton fields. Treemonisha and Remus ask the way to the plantation. A horn sounds three times to signal the end of the Cotton Pickers' workday. ACTTHREE Ned and Monisha wait in their cabin for Treemonisha to return. Remus, who brings Treemonisha back uninjured, is hailed as a hero by her parents and the gathering crowd. The Corn Huskers also come back, bringing Zodzetrick and Luddud as prisoners.The people demand a stiff punishment for the conjurors, but Treemonisha warns against requiting evil with evil and orders their release. Remus delivers a lecture on morally "right" behaviour: helping neighbours is one's duty. The angry crowd is still against letting the two conjurors off scot-free, but Treemonisha prevents any violent action from occurring. Ned reflects on the appropriate treatment of "rambling villains" and urges that they be punished severely. But finally, atTreemonisha's wish, "for her sake," the crowd forgives the two evildoers. The people declare the enlightened Treemonisha to be their new leader in the struggle against superstition. They dismiss her objection that men would not follow a woman. Treemonisha and Lucy encourage the crowd to dance to a rag; everyone follows the two women's lead. CAST: - 8m., 3w., chorus. • Treemonisha • Monisha • Remus • Ned • Zodzetrick • Lucy • Andy • Luddud • Cephus • Simon • Parson Alltalk MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Overture • The Bag of Luck - (Zodzetrick, Monisha, Ned, Treemonisha, Remus) • The Corn Huskers - (Chorus, Treemonisha, Remus) • We're Goin' Around (A Ring Play) - (Andy, Chorus) • The Wreath - (Treemonisha, Lucy, Monisha, Chorus) • The Sacred Tree - (Monisha) • Surprised - (Treemonisha, Chorus) • Treemonisha's Bringing Up - (Monisha,Treemonisha, Chorus) • Good Advice - (Parson Alltalk, Chorus) • Confusion (Monisha, Chorus, Lucy, Ned, Remus) • Superstition - (Simon, Chorus) • Treemonisha in Peril - (Simon, Chorus, Zodzetrick, Luddud, Cephus) • Frolic of the Bears • The Wasp Nest - (Simon, Chorus, Cephus) • The Rescue - (Treemonisha, Remus) • We Will Rest Awhile / Song of the Cotton Pickers - (Chorus) • Going Home - (Treemonisha, Remus, Chorus) • Aunt Dinah Has Blowed de Horn - (Chorus) • Prelude to Act 3 • I WantTo See My Child - (Monisha, Ned) • Treemonisha's Return - (Monisha, Ned, Remus, Treemonisha, Chorus, Andy, Zodzetrick, Luddud) • Wrong is Never Right (A Lecture) - (Remus, Chorus) • Abuse - (Andy, Chorus, Treemonisha) • When Villains Ramble Far and Near (A Lecture) - (Ned) • Conjurors Forgiven - (Treemonisha, Andy, Chorus) • We Will Trust You As Our Leader - (Treemonisha, Chorus) • A Real Slow Drag - (Treemonisha, Lucy, Chorus) Two exterior sets