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TREASURE ISLAND - A Musical Adventure A musical in 2 acts (Prince Street Players' Version) Book by Jim Eiler freely adapted from the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson; Lyrics by Jim Eiler; Music by Jim Eiler & Jeanne Bargy SYNOPSIS Excitement runs high in this musical adaptation of a favourite childhood adventure story. Robert Louis Stevenson’s thrilling tale of pirates, treasure maps, mutiny on the high seas and pieces of eight follows Jim Hawkins, an ordinary youth drawn into a dangerous race for buried treasure against the treacherous Long John Silver. As the author himself wrote, “If this don’t fetch the kids, why, they have gone rotten since my day.” STORY ACT ONE Tom Morgan, First Mate on the schooner Hispaniola, has just completed writing about his recent adventure to Treasure Island. He begins to tell the tale and is joined by a chorus of Pirates. The prize that was being sought out was a treasure full of Pieces of Eight, which are old Spanish silver coins. The pirates and Tom tell us of the great value of this treasure, and what lengths people would go to for such a fortune. Tom continues to narrate as he crosses toward the Admiral Benbow Inn near the docks in Bristol, England. Tom has spent many leaves there and is friends with the owners, the Hawkins. They have a young son, Jim, who Tom is very fond of. Billy Bones, a man who has been staying at the inn for two months now, is sitting there, drunk on rum, singing an old sailing song. Mrs. Hawkins, the innkeepers wife, and her son, Jim, are there locking up for the night. Jim tries to help Bones to his room. Bones starts on about the men who want to give him the Black Spot and thinks that he sees a man with one leg. Jim does not understand him and gets him upstairs. Tom knocks outside and Meg, an assistant at the inn, lets him in. They are all happy to see him and they inform him of the sad news that Mr. Hawkins passed away a month prior. Jim tells Tom how he dreams of being out to sea. Tom encourages him, proud of his aspirations. Tom and Mrs. Hawkins retire for the night and Jim and Meg finish closing up as another knock is heard at the door. It is Mr. Pew, a large, menacing, blind man with a stick and a black cloak. He tells Jim that he is there to see Billy Bones. Jim tries to stall him but Bones appears saying it is one of the men he had told Jim about. Pew says that they have been looking for Bones for two years and that he has something they want, and with that he goes to shake Bones' hand and slips a piece of paper into it. Pew cackles with laughter and exits. Meg screams and runs for Mrs. Hawkins and Tom-Bones holds up the paper which has a black spot on it. He calls it the Black Spot of Doom and tells them that once you get the black spot, your life is over-you don’t stand a chance. Bones sends Jim to his room to fetch his sea chest. Tom suddenly recognizes Bones as having been one of Captain Flint's buccaneers. Bones opens the chest and pulls out a map. He explains that he was First Mate to Captain Flint who was the blood thirstiest buccaneer to ever sail. He had plundered and looted French and Spanish ships. He then buried all the treasure on Skeleton Island, a remote island in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Caracas. This map he has shows exactly where the treasure is! Flint had given him the map when he died and the others have been hunting him ever since. He gives the map to Jim and tells him to find the treasure which will make him rich! He says it is his thank you for the kindness Jim and Mrs. Hawkins have shown him. This is the only map except, for a copy he made, which does not show where the treasure is hidden. He leaves this copy in the chest as Pew and his henchmen burst in with guns and knives. They kill Bones and take the fake map.