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TOXIC BANKERS A musical by Andrew Taylor and Desmond O'Connor Leicester Square Theatre, London - 7th March - 14th April, 2012 (Season The Lowry, Salford Quays from 24th-26th May, 2012.) SYNOPSIS A new musical comedy exploring the sordid world of London's Square Mile, where fortunes are made and dreams are broken. A megalomaniac boss appears to have achieved the impossible by setting up the City’s first truly ethical investment bank but his star employee is in the midst of a meltdown, having uncovered terrible secrets she’s too afraid to share. Meanwhile a mysterious new arrival promises to rescue her from the City and herself - but what is his hidden agenda? STORY The plot follows Tony who runs a supposedly ethical hedge fund company, but the reality is quite different: he is a greedy workplace bully, scamming his customers to line his own pockets and hiding the evidence. He is found out by numbers whizz (but emotional mouse) Fiona, who wants to do something about it, but doesn’t want her colleagues to suffer. Meanwhile the firm has employed Professional Liberty, a concierge service, to enable the workforce to dedicate more time to their jobs. However, they are merely a front for an anti-capitalist group who are trying to infiltrate the company. more information at