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13. Ensemble - "Life's a bubble, and you hurry, full of trouble, grief and worry through this vale of tears and sorrow, trying hard to look content..." 14. Topical Song - Todd - "When you're up against trouble galore, and you're tired of fighting with fate, and you feel life's a terrible bore..." 15. Song - Princess and Chorus - "There was once a little maid who was very much afraid of the dark, and her life was a sad one..." 16. Song - Dora and Chorus - "In the spring a maiden's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love..." MUSICAL NUMBERS (Programme) Opening Chorus Keep on Doing Something (Song) - Loofah, Chorus Here They Come (Ensemble Entrance) Dear Old Broadway (Song) - Benjamin Blossom, Dora, Chorus When You Take a Trip (Ensemble Entrance and Song) Timothy Todd, Chorus Mary's Lamb (Song) - Julia Jellicoe Ensemble Entrance of Rajah and Chorus A Game of Hearts (Duet) - Noorian, Princess Cholulu Which One Shall We Marry? (Quartette) - Tourists We're the Gnomes (Dancing Specialty) - Chorus Natives (Entrance) - Male Chorus He's Gone (Finale) - Ensemble In Rangapang (Opening Chorus) - Ensemble They Lived to Be Loved in Vain (Song) - Princess Cholulu Love Is a Wonderful Thing (Trio) - Pruette, Princess Cholulu, Noorian Ensemble - Chorus She Always Told the Truth (Song) That's the Time (Song) - Timothy Todd Different Girls (Song) - Julia Jellicoe It's Nice to Have a Sweetheart (Song) - Dora, Chorus Finale CAST • John Duke (registered at the Hotel Oriental as the "Duke of Plymouth") • Timothy Todd (his tutor and guardian) • Benjamin Blossom (an American millionaire) • Gopal Singh (Rajah of Rangapang) • Askeema (his former Court Physician) • Noorian (Captain of the Rajah's Body-Guard) • Loofah (proprietor of Hotel Oriental) W. H. Denny • Kalih (John Duke's servant) • Jambo Ree (messenger from the Boojam of Bang-a-lore) • Dora, Caroline, Katherine, Dorothy, Eleanor (Mr. Blossom's Daughters) • Letitia Hemmingway (their governess) • Princess Cholulu (the Rajah's daughter) • Archie Lawrence, Reginald Wilberforce, Gregory Marston, Theodore Walsingham} (In love with Mr. Blossom's Daughters) SCENES AND SETTINGS ACT I - Courtyard and exterior of Hotel Oriental in Rangapang, Hindustan. Afternoon. ACT II - Interior of the Rajah's Palace, near Rangapang. Evening of the same day.