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TOUGH AT THE TOP A musical play in 2 acts by A.P. Herbert. Music by Vivian Ellis. Adelphi Theatre, London - 15 July, 1949 (154 perfs) MUSICAL NUMBERS: Tough at the Top - (Bartholomew) I'm On Fire - (Princess Philomel) Interlude - (Princess Bartholomew) Blood and Iron - (Barbara, Count Victor and Chorus) I Don't Want to Marry - (Princess Philomel) I Feel a New Fellow - (Bartholomew and Chorus) I Wish I Could Sing (Philomel, Bartholomew and Chorus) Really and Rather Nice Man - (Barbara, Count Victor and Chorus) The Muffin Man (Bartholomew and Chorus) All the Ladies are Lovely (Chorus) England is a Lovely Place (Philomel and Chorus) This Is Not the End (Bartholomew & chorus) Most Gracious Lady CAST: • The Palace Charladv • Phoebe • Sentry • Court Forester • Flunkeys • Valentine • General Otto von Edelstein • Captain Fritz Bambergcr • Joe Oats • Baron Theodore du Plat • Gentleman with Spectacles • H. S. H. Princess Philomel • Barbara Duchesne • Joy • Gipsy • Miss Mervin • Count Victor of Plusch • Bartholomew Brain • Mick Maffcrty • Chubby Quail • Pressmen • Charles Lupin • Newsboy • Head Waiter • Referee • Joe (Killer) Cain • Mrs Cain • Joe Cain's seconds • H. H. Princess Selina • Warder • Priest