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TOUCH AND GO Revue by Jean and Walter Kerr; Music by Jay Gorney. Prince of Wales Theatre, London - 19 May, 1950 CAST included Beryl Stevens; Kay Ballard; Helen Gallagher; Carole Lynne; Jonathan Lucas; David Lober; Desmond Walter Ellis; Bill Fraser; John Stevens; Douglas Scott; Sidney James; John Guest; Charles Rowley; Valerie Ashton and Mary Anthony. Produced by Robert E. Griffiths. Staged by Dick Hurran PROGRAMME ACT I 1. AN OPENING FOR EVERYBODY Theatre-goers - Helen Gallagher, Kaye Ballard, Jonathan Lucas, David Loser 2. GORILLA GIRL Director - Sidney James Assistant Director - John Guest Miss Hilton - Carole Lynne Skeets - - Jonathan Lucas Trainer - John Stevens Camera-man - Charles Rowley 3. FUNNY LITTLE OLD WORLD Grandmother - Beryl Stevens Her Son - John Guest Her Grand-daughter - Valerie Ashton Danced by: Mary Anthony & David Lober, Douglas Scott, James Barron, Howard Ludwig, Gordon West, Tamara Kirova, Eleanor Fazan, Barbara Pearce, Mary Montgomery 4. BE A MESS The Academy Award Winners Olivia - Kaye Ballard Barbara - Helen Gallagher Jane - Carole Lynne 5. SHORE LEAVE - The Debonairs 6. KAYE BALLARD tells you about BEN 7. THE LITTLE BAR OFF TIMES SQUARE (Happy Felton and Mack Perrin) Bar Tender - Jonathan Lucas Sailors - Desmond Walter, Ellis, Bill Fraser, Sidney James John Stevens, Charles Rowley, John Guest Gardenia Girl - Beryl Stevens The Girls - Tamara Kirova, Barbara Pearce, Eleanor Fazan, June Wheeler, Maive Hewson, Mavis Peterson, Mary Montgomery, Valerie Ashton, Margaret MacInnes, Junette de Lyle, Doreen Barry The Dancers: Helen Gallagher & David Lober 8. NEVER FELT BETTER (Joseph Stein and Will Glickman) The Husband - Desmond Walter Ellis The Wife - Beryl Stevens