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TOP BANANA A Musical Comedy in Two Acts, 15 Scenes. Book by Hy Kraft. Music and lyrics by Johnny Mercer. Winter Garden Theatre, New York - 1 November, 1951 (350 perfs) SYNOPSIS The noisy, imperial Biffle is told by his sponsors to establish a love interest on his television programme. He hires Sally Peters and before long a real love affair develops between her and Cliff Lane. Biffle also falls in love with Sally, but when he realises where her heart lies he helps her with uncharacteristic selflessness to get her man. CAST (in order of appearance): • Danny • Script Girl • Bubble Girls • Vic Davis • Tommy • Walter • Jerry Biffle • Cliff Lane • Moe • Pinky • Betty Dillon • Sally Peters • A Man • Elevator Operator • Russ Wiswell • Mr. Parker • Announcer • Featured Dancers • TV Technician • Miss Pillsbury • Dr. LeRoy • Stagehand • Morgan • Dance Team: • Juggler • Photographers • A Passing Girl • The Widow • Magician's Assistant • "Bubbles" Models: Sales Girls: Customers: Dancers: Singers: MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 • The Man of the Year This Week - Ensemble • You're So Beautiful That — Cliff • Top Banana - Jerry Biffle, Vic Davis, Cliff, Pinky, Moe • Elevator Song - Ensemble • Hail to MacCracken's - Ensemble • Only If You're in Love - Cliff, Sally Peters • My Home Is in My Shoes - Tommy, Ensemble • I Fought Every Step of the Way' - Betty Dillon • O.K. for TV - Jerry Biffle, Vic Davis, Sally Peters, Pinky, Moe, Danny, Russ Wiswell • Slogan Song - Jerry Biffle, Betty Dillon, Vic Davis, Sally Peters, Cliff, Tommy, Pinky, Moe, Danny, Russ Wiswell, Mr. Parker • Meet Miss Blendo - Entire Company ACT 2 • Sans Souci - Betty Dillon, Dancers, Ensemble • A Dog Is a Man's Best Friend - Jerry Biffle, Morgan, the Grenadiers • That's For Sure' - Cliff, Sally Peters, Ensemble • A Word Is Day - Jerry Biffle, Betty Dillon