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TOM AND HUCKLEBERRY Musical in 2 Acts, 10 scenes: Music and lyrics by Mike Carter Book by John Lazenby and Mike Carter The time is approximately 1850 and the setting is St Petersburg, a small town basking upon the banks of the great Mississippi River. Tom lives with his Aunt Polly and his brother, Sid, in a small house overlooking the sidewalk. It is summer, and Tom's main preoccupation is playing truant from school, so he joins the homeless outcast, Huck Finn, along the banks of the Mississippi in search of adventure. It is on just such a quest that, one night in the graveyard, the two boys unwittingly witness a horrific murder that is to change their lives forever. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1: The sidewalk outside Aunt Polly’s house; early morning Scene 2: The sidewalk outside Aunt Polly’s house; next day Scene 3: The graveyard, that night Scene 4: The sidewalk outside Aunt Polly’s house, a few momens later Scene 5: The Court Room, a few days later Act 2 Scene 1: The sidewalk outside Aunt Polly’s house, a few days later Scene 2: The Haunted House, midnight that night Scene 3: The sidewalk outside Aunt Polly’s house, a few nights later Scene 4: Jackson Island, early next morning Scene 5: The sidewalk outside Aunt Polly’s house , a few days later CAST M 10 F3. Extras. (Minimum cast size: about 25 (12 adults and 13 children). But the show works very well with an even larger cast. Number of individual speaking parts: 23 ) Aunt Polly : Tom’s guardian aunt Becky: Tom’s girlfriend Defending Attorney : young overawed lawyer Doctor Robinson : ambitious young doctor Huck : Tom’s friend, the homeless outcast Injun Joe : treacherous half-cast Indian Judge Frazer : authoritative town judge Miss Watson: attractive young woman who works in the local stores Muff Potter : town drunkard, hapless drifter Prosecuting Attorney: shady lawyer with a reputation to consider Sid : Tom’s brother The Minister : insipid but well-intentioned minister Tom : an adventurous orphan Tom’s friends : Willie; Ben; Billie; Johnny; Jim; Joe; Bob; Mandy; Amy; Jenny Townsfolk: various town characters, some of whom appear as The Lynch-mob plus Ghosts