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natural and not show that he knows that is Carooni that he is speaking to. Ali and Morgiana sing another love song to give everyone time to fall into place and to make Carooni think that they are clueless about what is happening. Carooni has Sesame turn out the lights, and soon as this happens, Morgiana sends the family in to battle and to help them. Sesame throws the light back on. The family is victorious and they sing a victory song. In their banter, Fatimoma finds something very familiar as does Carooni. She slowly realizes that Carooni is her long lost husband: Ali's long lost father. Everyone seems happy except for Sesame who is still alone. Ali works his magic, gestures toward the house and with the cry of "Open Sesame," the magic staircase is revealed as is Princess Scheherazade, our story teller and Sesame walks off with his Princess. Everyone lives happily ever after. PRINCIPALS: 6 female, 10 male Princess Scheherazade The Sultan The Executioner Ali Baba Morgiana Minnie 'Fatimoma' Baba Billie Baba Tootsie Baba Owls Baba Claude Baba Kassim Baba Grandma Emily Baba Grandpa Zachariah Baba Sesame Oscar Haroun Al Carooni Freddie the Fiddler Kneecaps Hunky Jem Legs Buster Micky Periscope pete Prince tiny Small fry Big ears Skinny Blue eyes Four eyes Smiler Doll the moll SMALLER / ENSEMBLE CHARACTERS Charlie Risenshine, Cuddles, Joey, Lubin, Blind Beggar, Cop 1, Cop 2, Six Party Guests, Two Solo Voices, Waiter, Champagne Cheryl, Elmer, Large Lady, Shapely Girl, Bloated Business Man, Chorus Of Theives, Street Vendors And Party Guests MUSICAL NUMBERS • Ali Baba Doupa - Ali Baba, Street Vendors • We Are Carooni's Boys - Thieves • Start The Action - Carooni, Thieves • Maybe I Can - Ali Baba • The Pride Of Old Chicago Town - Ali Baba, Fatimoma, Baba Family • What Really Matters Most Is You - Ali Baba, Morgiana • Sesame, Sesame - Ali Baba, Sesame • Oh Yeah! - Carooni, Doll • The Dust Cart Rag - Ali Baba, Morgiana, Thieves • The Dancing Song • Move Along • The Dancing Song - Ali Baba, Fatimoma, Grandma, Party Guests • For She's A Jolly Good Fellow - Company • Sesame's Song - Ali Baba, Morgiana • Ali Baba, Morgiana • The Conga - Company • The Repercussion Boogie Blues - Company Music that would appeal to any generation. - The Daily Telegraph "Children's Theatre at its best." - Times Educations Supplement INSTRUMENTATION: Reed I (soprano sax, alto sax, opt. baritone sax, clarinet), Reed II (alto sax, clarinet), Reed III (tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet), Reed IV (tenor sax, clarinet, flute), 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, piano, bass