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At Michael’s office, Jon is asked to participate in a “creative-process-unlocking session” for the naming of a new no-calorie replacement for cooking fat. The process is extenuated, pretentious, and more than a little bit painful. Jon, who just wants to name the product already, becomes more and more snide until he manages to get himself kicked out. Michael is furious at Jon. He doesn’t see this as a game, or a show to rewrite, but “Real Life”. Michael, who is gay, envies Jon his chance for a marriage, family and “normal” existence. Jon heads to rehearsal for SUPERBIA, and stops for a pick-me-up. Caught in the act of buying Twinkies by his show’s lead actress, Karessa, he is relieved to discover that she shares his addiction. Rehearsal goes well, but Jon arrives home to find Susan packing. She has a job teaching “real dancers” in Northampton, Massachusetts. It’s for two weeks, but could evolve into something more permanent. Jon doesn’t want to stop her pursuing her dreams, but doesn’t want to let her go. He just wants to “See Her Smile”. And it’s time for the workshop. Michael is there. Susan is there. So is Jon’s dad, his agent, and the most Interesting Person of all, a composer-lyricist so famous he cannot be named, St----- S-----. The show begins. Karessa sings her solo, a soaring rock ballad called “Come to Your Senses”. Everyone tells Jon the reading went wonderfully – but nobody wants to produce the show. Jon is devastated. He goes to Michael’s office to beg for a job, but Michael tells him not to give up. If this show didn’t go anywhere, write another. Frustrated, Jon screams that Michael doesn’t understand what it’s like to be afraid of the future. Michael answers, “I know I’m sick, Jon, and I’m not going to get any better.” Jon runs to Central Park, unable to cope, wanting to scream. He thinks about his past with Michael, all of the shows they did together, and asks, “Why?” He realizes that life is a short time, and writing is the only way he wants to fill it. Finally, it’s the birthday party, and Jon is turning thirty. He makes up with Michael, and says good-bye to Susan. To cap things off, Sondheim calls to congratulate Jon on his reading and invite him to lunch. Then the cake comes, and Jon is led to the piano to play his anthem. “The tick tick booms are softer now. I can barely hear them, and I think if I play loud enough I can drown them out completely.” MUSICAL NUMBERS 30/90 - Jonathan, Michael, Susan Green Green Dress - Jonathan, Susan Johnny Can’t Decide - Jonathan, Susan, Michael Sunday - Jonathan, Diner Patrons No More - Michael, Jonathan Therapy - Jonathan, Susan Real Life - Michael, Jonathan, Susan Sugar - Jonathan, Karessa, Counter Guy See Her Smile - Jonathan, Susan, Michael Come To Your Senses - Karessa Why - Jonathan 30/90 (Reprise) - Jonathan Louder Than Words - Jonathan, Michael, Susan CAST JON - A struggling composer, almost 30. Charming, passionate, and a little self-involved. MICHAEL - An actor turned marketing executive. Jon’s roommate and best friend. Soulful and devoted, but secretive. SUSAN A dancer. Jon’s girlfriend. Sexy, sweet and fiercely independent.