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Cass. First Voice: Charles Braswell. Lieut. Berg: Peter Turgeon. Nurse: Wynne Miller. Dr. Renshaw: John McGiver. Dr. Benbow: Charles Braswell. Dr. Remington: Peter Turgeon. Mr. Pritchard-Mitford: Paul Ford. The Leader: Paul Ford. 21. "Word Dance (Part 2)" - (Staged by James Starbuck.) - Tom Ewell, John McGiver, Wynne Miller, Peggy Cass, Alice Ghostly, Margo Lundgreen, Paul Ford, Peter Turgeon, Charles Braswell, Don Elliott Quartet CREDITS Scenery by Marvin Reiss. Associate director, James Starbuck. Men's costumes by Ramsé Stevens. Women's clothes from Jenkins Gowns. Lighting by Paul Morrison. Produced by Michael Davis, Helen Bonfils and Haila Stoddard.