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whether his concern for his daughter's marriage to a crook is not more motivated by fear of being 'done' by his son-in-law than by parental love. (Bass baritone) • Mrs. Peachum - A copy of her husband - and she is an alcoholic, too. (Contralto) • 'Captain' MacHeath (Mack the Knife) - The embodiment of double-dealing, ruthlessness, vanity, irresistible charm and sex-appeal. (High baritone) • Polly Peachum - Hopelessly in love with Macheath, but she has learnt enough at home to know how to handle a gang of crooks.(Soprano) • Jenny Diver - The tough whore whose heart may once have been all Mackie's, but which can be bought to turn informer. (Mezzo-soprano) • Tiger Brown - A classically corruptible Police Chief, he must have a large skeleton in his own cupboard that Peachum knows about, but which we never discover! (Baritone) • Lucy Brown - A willing and loving pawn in Macheath's game. (Mezzo-soprano) • Filch - One of Peachum's less-talented beggar pupils. (Speaking role) • Smith - Prison warden, both incompetent and bribable. (Baritone) • Rev. Kimball - A small part, but necessary at the wedding. (Speaking role) Macheath's gang. (Speaking roles) Ready-Money Matt Crook-Finger Jake Bob the Saw Walt Dreary The whores. (Speaking roles) Betty Dolly Molly Coaxer ORCHESTRATION Reed 1: Clarinet, Alto Sax; Reed 2: Clarinet, Tenor Sax; 2 Trumpets, Trombone, Banjo doub. Guitar; Hawaiian Guitar, Piano doub. Harmonium & Celesta SCENES AND SETTINGS SOHO on the threshhold of the 20th century