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that Mackie, after returning to her, is now at Sukey Tawdry's, so Peachum sends Filch to tell the police. But Brown and his band of constables burst in, intending to round up Peachum and his crew of 'beggars', and Peachum has to talk very fast and persuasively to persuade Brown to change direction and go after Mackie. Jenny has her own wry comment: - 'Is it worth it to be top dog? Guess not!' . Mackie has been caught again; he tries to bribe his way free, but the gang are half-hearted in providing the money. The entire company burst in to see the hanging; Mackie sings a rueful farewell, hypocritical goodbyes are said and just as Mackie mounts the gallows, comes "mercy just for once" in the shape of a reprieve, a knighthood, a castle and a pension! The Street Singer steps forward with a short reprise of Mackie's Ballad "Happy endings, nice and tidy but maybe Peachum's sour comment is nearer the truth. MUSICAL NUMBERS • Overture • PROLOGUE: Ballad of Mack the Knife - Street Singer, ACT ONE • Morning Anthem - Peachum • Instead of Song - Peachum. M. Pcachurn • Wedding Song - Mack’s Gang • The Bide-a-Wee in Soho - Polly • Army Song - Mack, Tiger Brown. Gang • Love Song - Mack, Polly • Ballad of Dependency - Mrs. Peachum • 1st THREEPENNY FINALE The World is Mean - Polly. Pcachum. Mrs. Peachum ACT TWO • Polly’s Song - Polly • Reprise - Ballad of Dependency - M. Peachum • Pirate Jenny - Janny • Ballad of the Fancy Man - Mack. Jenny • Ballad of the Easy Life - Mack • Barbara Song - Lucy • Jealousy Duet - Lucy, Polly • 2nd THREEPENNY FINALE : How to Survive • Mack, Mrs. Peachum. Chorus ACT THREE • Useless Song - Peachum, Beggars • Solomon Song - Jenny • Calls from the Grave - Mack • Death Message - Mack • 3rd THREEPENNY FINALE : The Mounted Messenger - Chorus. Tiger Brown, Polly, Macheath, Mrs. Peachum, Peachum • Reprise - Ballad of Mack the Knife - Street Singer Characters • Street Singer - Sets all the scenes with his sign box. (Tenor or high baritone) • J. J. Peachum - A big operator in the beggar-business and a conniving, heartless hypocrite. We even doubt