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take Blackthorne's life. Toranaga agrees, but Buntaro is told to wait until Toranaga's conflict with Ishido is resolved. Toranaga restores Blackthorne's ship to him with orders to ready it to sail against the Catholic Daimyos who are presently allied to Ishido. Then, with Mariko as a go-between, Toranaga uses the threat of Blackthorne's ship to forge an alliance with the Catholics. In an attempt to free those hostages who still remain in Ishido's castle, Mariko convinces Toranaga to allow her to return to Osaka. There, she threatens to commit seppuku, or ritual suicide, so the fact that Ishido is holding family members against their will can be made public. Mariko succeeds in forcing Ishido to grant a release of the hostages, but Ishido reneges on his agreement and hires Ninja to capture her alive. She and Blackthorne try to flee to a secret sanctuary within the castle. War follows. CAST (in order of appearance) • John Blackthorne - an English sea captain of the Erasmus • The Crew of the Erasmus: Roper, Pieterzoon, Sonk • Father Alvito - a Portugese priest • Lord Buntaro - Daimyo of Anjiro Province, married to Lady Mariko • Omi - a Samurai in love with Kiku • A Captured Samurai • Gyoko - Madam of the Tea House, owner of Kiku's contract • Kiku - courtesan of the first class • First Samurai Guard • Second Samurai Guard • Third Samurai Guard • Lord Toranaga, Overlord of Central Province, second most powerful Daimyo in Japan, member of Council of Regents • Sazuko - Toranaga's youngest consort • Osagi - son of Lord Tornaga • Lady Mariko - educated by the Jesuits, married to Lord Buntaro • Captain General Ferriera - Portugese Captain of the Black Ship • The Courtier of Osaka • Catholic Daimyo I, II, III • Lord Ishido - the most powerful Daimyo in Japan • A Ninja • Fujiko - widow of Osagi, consort to Blackthorne • Ishido's Head Samurai • Osaka Guards • Ishido's General - Challenger to Omi at river crossing • Chimmoko - maid to Lady Mariko • An Acolyte • Slatterns of the Hovel, The Red guards of Osaka Castle, Ninja Attackers, Taiko Drummers DANCE NUMBER Storm Scene - Karma Born to Serve - Toranaga's Entrance An Island Karma Fireflies Kuroko/Fireflies Rum Below One Candle